Hello, World!

Hello, everyone!  This is my first post in my brand new blog.  It’s pretty exciting!  I will start with a little bit about myself…

I am currently 19.5 weeks pregnant.  My weeks change over on Mondays, so you can imagine how much I love when a Monday rolls around!  We are expecting a little girl on (or around) June 24th.

This week was the first time I could feel her moving.  It’s been amazing every time I feel her thumping around in there.  My husband hasn’t been able to feel her yet, but she’s getting stronger, and I’m pretty sure he’ll be able to feel her any day now (hopefully tonight).  I feel like she’s dancing in there sometimes.  I had a vision of a tiny ballerina this morning as I laid in bed with my hand on my stomach so that I could feel her from the inside and the outside.  What an amazing feeling.

My goal with this blog is to give an honest, and most likely entertaining, view of becoming a mother.  From picking out furniture, to learning about cloth diapering, to decorating and everything in between.  Once she’s here I hope to share my learning experiences with you all.  My goal is not so much to teach as it is to give you all a good laugh, and let you know that first time mommy’s are not alone in this learning process.  I’m sure most of this journey is going to be pretty amusing for me, my husband, and everyone who chooses to read this blog.


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