A Fancy Hospital Gown?

So, I’m sure all of you preggo ladies out there have been roaming around on Pinterest, looking for ideas for nurseries and instructions on how to do all the new things we have to learn (breastfeeding, pumping, diapering…).  I must say that my secret baby pin board is full of these types of things.  (Yes, I said secret pin board.  I don’t particularly care what others think of things that I like and things I want to do when my little girl is here, so I keep all that to myself).

Lately I’ve been thinking about getting one of the fancy hospital gowns from Etsy.  I know I’m not going to want a ton of pictures taken while I’m in labor, but I think it will make me feel prettier and cleaner to have a special gown just for me.  The only problem is that the ones I like are all $60+.  Now, I like to feel pretty and clean, but with a baby on the way does it make sense to spend that much on something I’ll wear once and then get all nasty with goo and blood?  I know I can wash it and wear it again at home for breastfeeding, but then again, do I want to wear something around the house that has snaps and ties holding the back together so that my butt doesn’t show?  Nah.  I think it would be too tempting for my husband, who would most likely unsnap or untie at every opportunity, before running away laughing at my butt.

So, to all the pregnant ladies out there.  What are your thoughts on these beautiful gowns that Etsy is trying to tempt me with?  Will you be spending some dough on a cute gown for delivery?  Only time will tell if I break down and purchase one, but I’ll be sure to post a picture of it if I do!


10 thoughts on “A Fancy Hospital Gown?

  1. I thought about it but ended up using a hospital gown. I had a photographer present at my child’s birth (Sounds weird but they are some of the most emotional and beautiful pictures I have ever seen to date) and the gown didn’t look gross or anything 🙂 I laugh at your husband and butt comment because I’m sure mine would do the same!

    • I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one with a husband who finds himself super amusing. 😉
      I would imagine the pictures in the hospital would be amazing. I may just have some family members click some for us while they are visiting!

    • I wore the standard gown ( I had a c section anyway because of the twins and one had a problem with his umbilical cord) and we got some amazing photos. The best ones are close ups of them snuggled near my face. And I don’t know how long you would be in there but I was in for 3 days and wanted a fresh gown a few times a day due to the post-baby sweating.
      But if you want it get it, you deserve the little things like that if you can afford them.

  2. I went to the Salvation Army and found a loose knee-length skirt for like $3. I wore that during labor with a sports-bra style nursing bra and a maternity tank top. The hospital was fine with it because they could access whatever they needed to, and I gave them permission to cut my clothing in case of emergency. (I don’t know if the bra/tank would have been an issue re: epidural, because I didn’t want or get one. I can see how it might be though if it limits access to your back. In that case, you may need something open to the back.) And, just a note, anything you wear during delivery WILL get ruined, and won’t probably won’t become something you wear around the house. By the time I delivered the baby, I had taken off the skirt, and the tank top got ruined when I put her on my chest (They let us do that for a while before they cleaned her off. Totally worth ruining the shirt for.) (the skirt survived. I had given up on it right before they broke my water, and babygirl came earthside less than an hour after that.)

    • Yea, I know it would be a complete waste of money, but I can’t help but think of how adorable they are. I’m surprised they let you go with a make-shift outfit though. I’ve heard most hospitals want you in a gown… period.
      How was your labor and delivery without the epidural? I’ve been curious about that, but I don’t know anyone personally who has gone without. Some have wanted to, but had to get them due to problems with the delivery.

      • You don’t want to ruin something that adorable lol. Go to Motherhood or somewhere and get a cute nightgown for AFTER delivery. That’s when you really want to look cute anyway.
        And yes, most hospitals want you in a gown, period. Mine was more open minded, the hospital I went to has a free-standing birth center, and I was under the care of the midwives who share rotation between the hospital and the birth center, and my hospital has some of the lowest rates of epidurals, c-sections, etc in my state. The nurse was hesitant about ‘allowing’ it, but I reassured her that if it became an issue, I would be happy to work with them. They relented after that, but I think it was luck of the draw with my nurse. If it’s something you feel strongly about… Just *do* it. (I also have a general overall attitude of ‘My doctor/nurse/hospital doesn’t let me do anything, *I* hire *them*’ They are welcome to advise me on what may be the *best* practice for my health, but they do not ‘let’, ‘force’, ‘make’, or ‘allow’ me to do anything. 🙂

        As far as the epidural, the bottom line is that it hurts like hell, but I would do it again without it. Overall, my birth experience was positive. My whole birth story is at http://laceandlilies.wordpress.com/?s=birth+story . There are a lot of negatives to epidurals (you can go look them up, if you’d like. The negatives do include a higher risk of needing a c-section or an assisted delivery, that was my main motivation.) and the only positive is relief from pain. Plus, you can’t move or walk once the epidural is in place, which means a catheter. To me, the one good thing wasn’t worth all the negatives and risks. For some people it is, and that’s okay, too. I did have pain relief at one point during labor, there are other options than the epidural, just keep in mind that each has it’s own risks.

        I wonder what happened that they needed the epidural? Generally, the only ‘real’ reason to ‘need’ one is if you are getting a c-sec.

        (P.S., I’m a birth junkie. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the birth process or labor options or whatever… Feel free to email me lys810@hotmail.com)

  3. I didn’t know there was such a thing! I say if its going to make you feel better I say do it! Anything that makes you more comfortable that day is a plus and probably worth its weight in gold!

  4. I have a secret baby board as well. Partially because I started it day of my 6 week ultrasound and partially because I don’t want to get any comments about what I like and what my plans are. I’m getting enough of those already in real life (cloth diapering especially) I don’t want it online too!

    • I’m with you on that! I don’t think it’s everyone’s business on how you plan to raise your kids anyway. I know a lot of people who would be better off not sharing so much of their child rearing advice. 🙂

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