Baby Registries

I must say that this past weekend was very tiring, but so much fun.  We went to two separate stores (Target and Buy Buy Baby) and they hand you a scanner and you just go wild.  I mean, as wild as you can get for a first time parent who really has no clue what they may need.  Wild and clueless would be a better phrase I guess.  We went wild and clueless this weekend!

Seriously though, how on earth are you supposed to know what and how many of something you need?  Sure, you can look at the helpful little list the store gives you, but they want you to have your friends and family buy as many things as possible.  Can those lists be trusted?  Then what about how all your friends are telling you about how their sister couldn’t live without a boppy, but they tried one and it didn’t work for them at all.  Or what about bottles and pumps?  Try to find a pump that has great reviews by everyone who’s used it.  Impossible.  You’d think something as simple as a bottle would be easy, but have you seen how many bottles are out there?  All of them slightly different.  All of them loved by some and despised by others.  No consensus.

So we were winging it all over the place.  “Need one of these?” “Yes, probably like three of them, actually.”

It was very exciting to picture using all of these new gadgets being use for our little girl.  Except for the nose aspirator.  I’m not too excited about sucking boogers out of her nose.  I mean, I get that it’s helpful, but what did people do back in the day before these things were invented?  Did the baby just have boogers and the parents said “cool” and went on about their day?  I imagine they did.  Of course, everything invented has been invented for a reason, and booger extractors are on everyone’s “to have” list, so we’ll go with the flow and get a few.  I refuse to use the one that involves sticking one end in the babies nose and the other end in your mouth and sucking the booger out of the nose and into a little compartment.  Um, no.  Well… fine, if it’s absolutely necessary and good for my daughter, I’ll do anything, but I’m not going to like it!  I can just imagine a mother who chooses to do that and then later in life their kid is talking back to them… how can that mother keep from saying “I sucked the boogers out of your nose! You should be nicer to me!” haha.. gross.

So registering is fun.  We really enjoyed it. We learned new things about baby stuff, and scanned lots of things for people to buy our little girl.  She is going to be a very happy and spoiled baby!


7 thoughts on “Baby Registries

  1. We took home like 3 aspirators from the hospital haha! We never used them until she was 1 year old and had her first cold! It was a life saver that week…you don’t really think about kids not being able to blow their nose for a couple years- how terrible would that be?!

    • I know, it’s so odd.
      We’ve been hearing a lot about people getting their aspirators from the hospital. That would be nice if we get some freebies, but I don’t want to rely on getting things for free. I guess if we get some, we can return the ones we got on the registry. 😉 haha

      • True story!! Just keep certain things in the packaging and you can return it! 🙂 We did that with a lot of clothes because we realized our favorites and what we didn’t really ever bother to use! Although it’s hard not to take everything out and play with it and set it up…

  2. I have read that the hospitals will provide aspirators in a fancy new baby kit when you leave the hospital and that they are better than anything offered in the store. I plan on registering/buying one, but I’m not going to open it until after I see if this is true. Just something to keep in the back of your mind!

  3. Blah I don’t know WHEN to register I don’t want everything I register for to be discontinued by May when I start having showers…. But I don’t want to wait to long and be in a rush! I’m glad it was fun!!!

    • We have three showers! March, April, and May! We had to get on the registry wagon soon! Plus, we wanted to start now so we can add/delete as we learn about new things we may or may not need.
      Registering at Target is dangerous because they have a lot of things that are close to being discontinued. I know I’ve gone to find things on wedding registries there before and they just don’t exist anymore. Other stores like Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby (or whatever store is near you) should be pretty good about keeping things in stock for a good long while.

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