Birthing Classes

Wow, I have been the worst blogger in the world.  We’ve been a tad busy with quickly deciding to sell our house, selling our house in five days, moving into an apartment, and finding a new house.  We are finally moving into our new house on Thursday! Whoa!  All the insanity will be worth it once we are finally in and set up, but since I’m already 35 weeks, I’m slightly nervous about being able to get everything done!  Wish us luck!

So, on to birthing class fun.  Our classes were split into two Saturdays.  They were very informative.  We went over all of the basics; the beginning stages of labor (waters breaking, show, loosing your mucus plug), the three stages of labor (Yes, there are three.. who knew?), and then the actual birth.  The most informative parts of the classes were about the three stages of labor, the medications available, and the different types of problems that could arise during birth.  I think every first time parents should take a birthing class.  You have a general idea of how things work, but it’s nice to know what to expect even if things don’t go the way you are expecting.

I have decided that laboring at home for HOURS in the first stage of labor sounds like zero fun.  I want to start contractions and then head over to the hospital.  I think I’m the only one who feels this way, but once labor starts I want to feel like it’s time to go!  I want to feel like she’s coming soon.  If I sit at home for five hours eating Popsicles, I’m going to be confused.  Maybe once it starts I’ll feel different, but right now I’m kind of like… waah.

I have also decided that I would like to hold off on an epidural for a while.  I’m sure I’m going to want one (because I just have a feeling that I will), but holding off for as long as I can seems like the best idea.  I do not want to be stuck in a bed with nurses having to pee me (yea, I’m using that as if I’m saying “milk me”).  I had no idea that you could have narcotics to take the edge off of contractions either.  That also sounds like a nice way to prolong the (most likely) inevitable epidural.

There is also a thing called a spinal.  I had never heard of this, ever.  I’m not too sure it’s very popular though.  It’s just one shot of medication directly into your spinal fluid.  You cannot have more than one shot of this fluid.  An epidural doesn’t go directly into your fluid, so they can keep giving you hits for as long as you are in labor.  Sounds like the better option to me.  I think a spinal might be more for a rush c-section.  Not an emergency c-section, in which you are knocked out, but a rush job.

Was anyone else aware that babies are supposed to come out with their face facing down towards your butt?  I would have bet money that they are supposed to come out facing up, but I would have lost my money.  Apparently a baby facing up will cause extra horrible laboring.  Because of the way they are turned, they will cause what is known as back labor.  Back labor paired with contractions is almost a guarantee for begging for an epidural.  I know that our baby girl is head down, but I have no idea if she’s facing towards my back, or if she’s “sunny side up” (the term used for a baby facing up).  I’m pretty sure with the amount of poking on my sides and up between my rib cage  that she is in fact sunny side up.  If she’s not, then she is a gymnast   I have no idea how so many things would be poking me if she were facing my back.  I guess it’s possible though, she is quite squished in there!

I had already had an idea about the amount of post-labor bleeding, but learning that it is 4-6 weeks of bleeding kind of made me go “whaaaaat?”  Absolutely insane.  It makes sense, but SIX WEEKS?

I am excited now.  I’m glad that I am aware of things that can/might/will happen.  All I know is that at the end of whatever happens, we will have a little baby girl to bring home.  That is amazing!

Good luck to all the mamas out there who are on their way to having their little ones.  I hope everyone has a safe, quick labor!


One thought on “Birthing Classes

  1. Back labor is the devil!!! Vicious was face up and I wanted to die a little. I went almost 49 hours of back labor without the epi, so it can be done. I also had the spinal block epidural with Sydney and back then they kept refilling you. The epidural now I was able to move and junk just didn’t feel pain.

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