Our Beautiful Baby

Our beautiful baby girl was born on Wednesday, June 26th.  Weighing in at 7lbs even and 20.25 inches long.  She is absolutely beautiful (I may have already mentioned this).  She was born at 7:16pm.

The labor was fairly easy, with minor complications.  I started having consistent contractions around 3am.  At 5am I called the doctor and woke up my husband.  The doctor said to head on in!  We arrived at the hospital around 6:00ish and got checked in to the monitoring room.  I was only 1cm dilated and 60% effaced.  They told me they would give me two hours to walk around to try and get the labor kicked into gear and help with the dilation.  I walked the halls for two hours with horrendous (or so I thought at the time) contractions.  The pain was so intense in my back I could hardly stand.  I did squats and did some leans (bent over a railing to try and get the baby off my spine) as we did our laps.  Two hours later… hoorah!  2.5cm dilated!  We were officially on track to have our baby girl.

I decided during our walking that an epidural would be had as soon as they would allow (they gave me something to “take the edge off” but it just made me feel drunk, not good).  The rule was 3-4cm dilated before it was okayed.  I told them that I wanted it as soon as possible.  It was only about 30 minutes after getting hooked up in the labor room that I started having contractions so bad that I couldn’t breath.  I was full of deep, heavy sobs.  Luckily, my nurse was amazing and got the epidural up and going as quick as possible.  The biggest problem was that my blood pressure is so naturally low, that I had to wait to have a bag and a half of fluids in me before they could give me the epidural.  That was such a long wait.  Once I had the epidural I was so relaxed and ready to focus on our progress.

We watched Megamind about 8 times while we were in the room.  Once for real (with volume and everything) and the other times on mute.  Family was visiting and we had tons of stuff going on around us.  Baby girl decided that she only wanted me on my right side.  Any other position would cause her heart rate to drop.  That was terrifying.  I’m just glad that there was a position that worked for us.

Around 6:30pm they decided that it was time to start pushing.  I think I officially started pushing around 6:45.  By 7:16, my baby was born.  The doctor and nurse were incredibly impressed by how quickly I got her out, especially since she was my first.  Go me!  I was just wanting her out in case her cord was wrapped and was the reason her heart rate kept dropping.  I was determined!

So, here she is, our beautiful baby girl, Emilia Claire!  Now it’s really time to start learning this mommy business!!  I will post an update about breastfeeding next time I get the chance…. could be a while. 😉



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