One Handed

Typing one handed is starting to become the norm.  This little one eats like a beast, so my other hand is always busy holding up a giant boob.  Who would have thought that I’d have boobs so big they would make my hands fall asleep due to lack of circulation?  Impressive!  I am about 75% boob right now.

(Ah, the hand has been released by the sleeping baby, I can now type with two hands!)

So, life with baby is going well.  This is actually my first FULL day alone.  Two weeks ago I did two half days by myself, but my in-laws came in to town that Friday and just left this morning.  Usually I would be grumpy having company in town for so long, but I was so grateful to have someone to just sit here and chat with me during the day.  I didn’t rely on the help too much because I didn’t want to get too used to having help.  My mother in-law would watch her while I showered and hold her a bit during the day, but I was always around and ready to pull out a boob.  (Did I mention she eats like a beast?)  Today I’m finding it strange to realize that I am going to be home alone with two dogs and a baby… every… single… day.  I know that when she’s older, and we have more things we can do (play dates, grocery shopping, mommy and me classes), I will be a little less bored, but for now I’m just trying to find interesting things to watch.  I suppose I’ll be a TV junky for the next couple months.

She is starting to become a little person, as opposed to a little blob.  She will now look at whoever is talking to her.  That was so neat to see at a party we went to this past weekend.  We were only there an hour, so it wasn’t really a “party” for us, but the husband got to have a beer and I got to see a couple other new mommies.  It was a good time.  Her head control is getting much better.  She HATES tummy time.  She also hates her swing.  What is wrong with this girl?  I’m just glad that she likes her bassinet.  That is the only thing I really NEED her to like.  I would like for her to like her pack and play a little more, but she will at least sit there and stare at the ceiling and chat to herself for a little bit before she gets moody.  Yes! She is starting to babble a little!  It’s adorable.  I have no idea what we are chatting about, but she seems really interested, so I make sure to ask her lots of questions about it.  I imagine she’s saying something like “I really like to eat.  Eating is fun.  When do I get to eat again?”

We also now have a belly button!  Her umbilical cord stump was accidentally flicked off by the husband fell off last night during a diaper change.  Not that I really worried about it, because I know it didn’t hurt her, but it’s nice to not have to worry about it during clothes and diaper changes.

That’s all for now.  I’m sure we will have many new adventures and updates in the weeks to come, so I hope to update much more frequently (most likely one handed).



9 thoughts on “One Handed

  1. I love this!!! I am at 50% boob and actually text my friend just yesterday saying so!! I started out at a D cup I’m now in FF… Bad times! Nice to read about what’s to come though 🙂

    • It’s funny because that party I just went to had two other ladies with babies, and all I could focus on was how big their boobs have gotten. haha Everyone is trying to wear their regular clothes, and these boobs just do not work in those anymore. I’m sure all the husbands don’t mind… even though they can’t really play with them at the moment. haha

      • Haha yeh I’m sure the hubby’s are loving it!! My friends who have a baby are now referring to my boobs as “the puppies” haha.

        Yeh the clothing is a big struggle already!! Plus with the heat everything is too hot or clingy!!

        The black and white shots were so lovely 🙂 x

      • Haha, the puppies. Very nice! Once your little man gets here, those things will have to be upgraded to “the dogs,” because they’ll be way too big to be considered puppies still. haha
        I got tons of shorts and tank tops to make it through the heat. I also became a hermit and never left the house. 🙂
        I’m glad you liked the pictures! She’s just so photogenic! (I might be a bit biased though). 😉

  2. omg YES my hand got numb allllll the time from holding the boob!!! I hated that! she doesn’t eat for as long now so it’s better. awill begin…

  3. LOL! You seem so well adjusted for having such a little one. Your sense of humor is great! 😀 I loved the photos too. xo

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