To Start A Paci?

My husband and I are trying to figure out when to start a pacifier.  Right now it seems like she is actually eating when she’s on the breast, not just using it as a pacifier, but who knows?  We had originally not wanted to start a pacifier at all, but when it came down to the possibility of a pacifier vs thumb sucking, I think we’d rather have a pacifier (at least that can be chucked out eventually — even if it is a battle).  The pediatrician says that four weeks is a good time to start one, as breastfeeding should be established by then, but I’ve read a few things online that suggest waiting 6-8 weeks if you exclusively breastfeed to insure that your milk supply is well established.

I’m beginning to feel that everything with babies has 10 different “right” answers.  For those who think there is one way or no way, that is just not the way these things work, unfortunately.

So, when did you start your baby on a pacifier?  Or, if you chose a no-paci way of life, why and how is it working out for you?  I’d love to hear your stories!


9 thoughts on “To Start A Paci?

  1. Well, to be honest I have 2 little ones under the age of 2. I breast feed them both. With the first, I was so nervous that she would get “nipple confusion” that I didn’t give her one for a while. When I did she thought it was a nipple impostor and wanted nothing to do with it. The second time around I wasn’t concerned and tried to give a pacifier to him in the start. He didn’t care, he too thought it was a nipple impostor, and a waste of energy. I agree, many ways to do things, and most of it depends on your parenting style and what your kids respond to. Look forward to hearing how it works out!

  2. We started on Day 2 of birth with both. The first was bottle fed so no biggie for nipple confusion and #2 is breastfed. We have had no issue with nipple confusion. My LC actually told us to offer one due to reflux issues and other health problems. She would comfort nurse at the end of a feeding so the paci really saved my boobs. We also gave 1 bottle a day to get her used to it. I saw a lot of kids who wouldn’t take a pap or bottle when parents waited too long and I didn’t want that. The LC told us to do it this way. She is 17 months and goes from boob to paci to bottle to cup no problem. Hope you can find something that works for you.

  3. I introduced one at a few weeks old. He was nursing every 3 hours around the clock but he would get fussy in the middle of the night and just want to comfort nurse, so we ONLY used it for the middle of the night for a long while (a few months?)
    Totally depends on the child. Dont even think about trying to find out if there actually IS a “right” time. 😉

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