You Will…

new mother


(Thoughts from a mother of a one month old)

You will…

…Get poop on your hands.  I always assumed that this only happened to people who weren’t paying attention to what they were doing, or who had super squirmy older children who thought diaper changing time was play time.  I was wrong.  Poop has the ability to get everywhere, and it will.  Recently it was all over baby girl’s back, onesie, feet, and my hands.  Not to mention the time I found some on her shoulder.

– …Beg a baby to let you sleep.  I know, it sounds insane, babies don’t understand begging yet, but you WILL beg and plead for sleep.  Last night, at 3am, as I was running on two hours of sleep, I held my little girl and begged her to go to sleep.  I tried making a deal with her too.  “I am going to nurse you ONE MORE TIME, then we are going to go to sleep for at least an hour!  Okay?  Please….”  No such luck, but I guess it was worth a try.

– …Not believe how much the baby relies on you.  This parenting thing is not a joint effort… yet.  Yes, my husband holds her for an hour a night, and for a few hours on the weekend (like right now so I can blog), but for about 23 hours a day, that baby is on me  This is mainly because I exclusively breastfeed.  How else is she supposed to eat?  These boobs must be on call 24/7.  I suggest that if pumping works for you, you do it.  If formula sounds like a good option to you (I think about switching over at least 10 times a night) then do it!  No one here will judge you.  Get some sleep, share some responsibility, and keep your sanity!

– … Be grateful for two hours of sleep in a row.  Remember sleeping for eight hours straight (I don’t) and still being tired?  Yea, enjoy those moments, my soon to be mommy friends.  Eight hours of sleep seems like a dream to me right now.  It’s almost hard to believe that, in the past, I’ve had times where I slept for over 12 hours in a row.  Wow,  How many years until that happens again?

– … Need to buy wee wee pads.  Just for dogs, you say?  No chance!  Wee wee pads are a lifesaver, and not just for boys either.  As soon as we take the diaper off of our little lady, she says “Ah, fresh air!  Peeing into the wind!  Oh, and pooping! Ah!”  Yep, sometimes multiple poops on the pad in one changing.  Sometimes I wonder if she’s playing a trick on me.  No chance all that poop could fit in something so tiny!  Here is the link to the ones I ordered.  We’ve gone through about 30 of them so far (maybe more?).  I could not imagine having to wash the changing pad cover that many times within a month, could you?


– …Change a diaper right after changing a diaper.  Poop explosion and a pound of pee, diaper change successful!  Pick up the baby, smile at her, watch her give you a strange look aaaaand…. the sound of another poop explosion.  This goes along with the “how does she fit all of that in there?” thing.   We have had up to three diaper changes in five minutes.  Amazing!

– … Never hate anything more than cluster feedings.  Ah, the current horror of my existence.  Nothing will make you feel more needed, frustrated, and confused.  “My baby needs to eat, but my nipples are going to fall off.  How has this been going on for five hours??!”  This is what runs through my head during these terrible times.  By the way, these times always take place at night.  Usually between 6pm-midnight (or longer).  Biggest break between feedings?  Maybe 30 minutes, and the feedings are about an hour on each boob). Pure torture, for both of us.  Being constantly hungry makes her upset, and being constantly milked makes me upset.  There is nothing you can do but continue through it and hope the next night goes better.  Or turn to formula…. (still considering it…)

– … Wonder how anyone could ever have more than one child.  Seriously?  People do this while they have toddlers? HOW?! WHY!?  I don’t know how it’s possible.  I can tell you right now that I am not cut out for it.  If there is a second in our future, which I’m not sure there will be, it won’t be until she is in school.  Maybe college? …. yea, probably won’t be a second.

– … Be amazed by how much you love your baby.  Despite the poop, pee, cluster feedings, hundreds of diapers (can’t wait to start cloth!), crying, and lack of sleep, you will love this little creature more than anything on the planet.  Despite how mad you are at the lack of sleep, you will look at her/him and know that you are the one who has to make this little thing happy, and you will do that.  And, somehow, you will do it with a smile!


So, one month down.  What will the next months teach me?  Hmm…



17 thoughts on “You Will…

    • Other than lack of sleep and sore breasts, the entire experience is pretty amazing. Hope I didn’t scare you too bad! I’m just trying to be as real as possible because I haven’t found too many people who are willing to write about the nitty gritty. haha

  1. Sleep? I am not sure I speak that language. I still beg Rhiannon to sleep. Up every 20 minutes, from 2-6 am every night! Fun times. And yes pee and poop are on everything. My new perfume is ode de baby. I have been posting this on fb for years, did you not believe me?
    It gets worse/crazier/grosser as they get older. 🙂 Welcome to parenthood, not as fun as it looks.

  2. perfectly said. it DOES get better. its still tough omg but it does get better even though some days I still wake up crying. lololol on the no second baby. was tslking to Tyler about this and he reminded me that I kept reiterating that we were NEVER doing this again. 🙂 I remember pleading…. even kind of angrily pleading through tears for sleep. it’s like Chinese water torture. she will one day give you 4 hours and you will squeel with joy after you panic and think she has starved to death.

    • I’m sure my mind could possibly change over the next couple years, but I really don’t see that happening. haha I’ve even been researching only children, and apparently they are quite well adjusted and happy little people. Yay!

  3. ahah well said! We had so much pee on the wall next to the changing mat that I put stickers of flowers there,so I can think they’re being watered 😛 And I’ve been using the same pads as mattress cover in his crib,but now he destroys it with his kicks…

  4. I was wondering if formula fed babies cluster feed or not. sometimes I feel like it’s after seeing was more for comfort nursing and it was for eating.I think giving a bottle could sometimes result and then maybe overeating and getting a stomach ache but maybe I’m wrong. I think I’ll have to google cluster feeding in the formula fed baby.

    • I’ve read that formula fed babies still cluster feed, but that it’s a little easier because they can finish a bottle in 15 minutes, then are content for an hour, instead of feeding for an hour and it content for 15 minutes. Sounds like a good trade off to me! 😉
      I’m hoping the cluster feedings become a little less often…. *fingers crossed*

  5. Ahh, wee-wee pads!! I never thought to buy those – you are so smart! Especially in those first several weeks, there are so many messes to be made. I’m definitely buying some if/when we have another baby! 🙂

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