No Way To Know

I know my little one is one five weeks old, and schedules are laughable at this age, but it sure is strange from day to day.

Two nights ago this girl would eat for twenty minutes, diaper change, eat for twenty minutes, and sleep for 2-3 hours (repeat 3 times).  Then she was awake ALL DAY.  Not even joking, she only slept for about two hours from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.  Usually she at least sleeps twice during the day.  Then, last night, she would eat for eight minutes, diaper change, eat for eight minutes, and sleep for an hour.   Now today she is totally zonked!  She’s only been awake for about an hour total so far this morning (it’s 11:30am).  So strange.  No idea what to expect from day to day or night to night.  Oh well, as long as she feels good, that’s all I care about!

I wish I had known she was going to zonk out… I would have gone to the grocery store.


3 thoughts on “No Way To Know

  1. whoever said babies sleep all day really pissed me off… I remember the days of Tabs not sleeping for 6 hours at a time during the day, I don’t know if that was just her or if that was bc back then I didn’t know how to get her to sleep. She was cranky though but eventually she fell into a routine, eat. awake, nap. repeat, I hope that happens for you soon. I think its great that you are just going with the flow, /not stressing about what is “supposed” to be means you can enjoy what is. and,,,,,,, you choose grocery store over sleep?! heehee

    • I think it’s because I don’t get to eat as much as I’d like. For example… it’s noon and she just woke up to eat. I won’t be able to eat until at least one! ah! Plus, I only leave the house once a week. haha
      And yea, babies sleeping all day is total bull!

    • By the way, do you still supplement with formula every now and then? Or do you produce enough by pumping? Pumping just does not work for me at all.. no matter what I eat, drink, size of flange, talking with lactation consultant, etc. So I’m throwing in the towel! If you do still use formula, what kind do you use? Feel free to email me if you want/have the time!

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