The Leaky Boobs

(Why does that make me think of The Leaky Cauldron from Harry Potter?)

Anyway, my boobs are leaking a lot today.  This girl has got them all out of whack.  During the day she wants to eat every 2-3 hours.  During the night she wants to eat every 1.5-2 hours.  My boobs must be more used to the nighttime feeding schedule because during the day they want to EXPLODE milk all over the place.  One squirted just from me picking it up (yes, they are so big they have to be heaved up to her mouth).  She is still sound asleep right now, but mama is going to have to jostle her around a bit to help her out.  I’m pretty sure my left boob is going to flood the living room if she doesn’t nurse from it soon.  (Don’t tell me to pump — read yesterday’s post if you have this thought.  I’d have better luck taping a bottle to my boob and just letting it leak in to the bottle all day.)

On a separate note, I read a blog yesterday (I do not remember the name of the blog, and I just started following her yesterday, so I don’t have any new posts from her in my feed yet.  I will be sure to give credit when I find the blog again!) and she mentioned that she is going to try doing cloth diapers twice a day to save a couple bucks until she’s ready to dive in to full time cloth.  Whoa!  Why have I never thought about this before?  I’m home all day, so starting with one or two diapers a day to get the hang of it would be “duh-huh” kind of smart.  I am so glad I read that post!  Cloth diapering a couple times a day will start tomorrow!! Wish me luck…

Time to go get my little pooper out of her car seat so she can eat before I flood the living room.


10 thoughts on “The Leaky Boobs

  1. hah. leaky boobs are so fun. I have squirted Tabs in the face on many occasions. you could always hand express into a bottle to relieve yourself and then freeze up the tiny amt by the end of the day then add to it each day. lol
    my boobs dont know what to do either… sometimes we pump, sometimes she eats ftom one side sometimes both…sometimes we skip a feeding when she gets formula.. oiye.

  2. Look forward to hearing about cloth diapering experience. I read your pump post, were you using electric or manual? I was just thinking f you joking about pouring it into a cup lol and I was thinking squeezing it out manually might work?

    • Electric, and the little bit I was ever able to get out was 50% hand expressed. Hand expression actually worked better (quicker), but actually milking myself was making me pretty sore… and I was still only getting .5oz total from both boobs with pumping and hand expressing combined. Nuts!

      • I’m a little frightened about breast feeding. I just got a book on it an everything (I’m a major nerd).

        You can get those nipple pads I saw in a magazine!
        Lol they collect milk throughout the day. I always laugh at them, but you know they could be actually handy to have. Watch, I’ll end up buying them just to see if they work.

      • That may actually be great for me! haha I had to wear nipple shells for the first few weeks (I recommend them for everyone. They keep your sore, cracked, bloody,scabby nipples from touching anything!) and they always had a pool of milk in the bottom (that would leak out every time i bent over) haha!

  3. Hopefully it will even out soon for you! It’s mostly likely a result of trying to pump so much – boobs take about 24 hours to respond to baby/pump, so right now your boobs are saying MAYDAY MAYDAY WE NEED MORE MILK (triggered by the pumping)… give it a few days and it should be better 🙂

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