My Little Cluster Feeder

Well, yesterday was interesting.  I had some friends over for lunch (since I now go to bed at 8:00, I’m no good for dinner meetups), and they all wanted to hold Emmy.  A few of them got the chance to, but for the most part she was stuck to a boob.  She cluster fed from… *drum roll please* 10:30AM to 4:30PM!!  I got a few 15 minute breaks, but not enough.  I am very grateful that the feed was during the day and not at night though!  Although she did seem to be feeding quite a lot from 3am-7am this morning.  Now she is sleeping peacefully on my lap.

She seems to be rebelling against her bassinet a bit.  The first two rounds of sleep were the best we’ve had in about four days.  Two hours each!!  Woo!  Then after that she had a one hour stint and then it was only about 30-45 minutes (or less) for the following ones.  She seems to just want to be held.  If I pick her up and hold her against my chest and pat her back, she falls right to sleep.  If I put her back into her bassinet, she wakes up instantly.  I think I’m going to try putting one of her super fluffy blankets in under the sheet.  That way she can’t get caught up in it, but it keeps it softer and warmer for her.  It wouldn’t be soft enough for her to roll over and have her face stuck in either.  I will try that tonight and let you know how it goes!  Maybe I could get some sort of boob shaped pillow and just let her sleep on her stomach on that?

So far I’ve got one genuine smile from her.  That was two days ago.  I am desperate for another!  It’s like crack!  I need more smiles!!!


7 thoughts on “My Little Cluster Feeder

  1. Yeah…cluster feeding…ish My little one doesn’t do it daily PTL but when she does its from around 9 or 10 till 1:30… That is not going to work when I go back to the office….

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