It Worked! I Think. I Hope. Oh No, I Jinxed It!

I have found that I am very superstitious since becoming a mom.  If we have a good night of sleep, I try to repeat everything I did that day, the following day.  If I ate something new and we have a bad night, I avoid eating that item as if it contains the plague.  I know that none of this actually has anything to do with anything.  It’s not like she’s super gassy after I eat a particular item, it’s just that some days she is going to sleep well and some days she isn’t…. but….

Remember how I mentioned that I was going to put a blanket under her bassinet mattress sheet?  My thought being that it would make it softer and warmer?  Well, it appears to be doing just that… and she appears to love it.  Two nights ago she slept for 3 hours and 45 minutes IN A ROW!  The rest of the rounds of sleep were shorter (two hours), but that was the longest round she’s ever had!

Last night we had three rounds of sleep.  Three hours, two hours and one hour.  I know that doesn’t sound great, but THREE HOURS IN A ROW! Woo!

I’m pretty sure that the blanket is helping, but I have also figured out another thing that is helping her sleep.  You see, I recently figured out that I am over producing milk.  This is most likely due to her cluster feedings.  My boobs are thinking I need hours of milk produced in a row and fill up almost immediately after they are emptied.  Not even joking, I can have her nurse for thirty minutes on one side, and thirty minutes later that boob is hard as a rock.  They pretty much ache all of the time now, but at least I know I have plenty of food for her!  There are a couple downsides though.  The first being that the amount that comes out while she nurses is a little much for her.  It makes her frustrated, aggravated, and occasionally she cries out when she starts.  I imagine it would be like a flood!  The second problem is that it’s hard for her to get to the hind milk because there is SO MUCH milk in there.  This is the biggest reason why she sleeps longest for her first feeding.  I feed her downstairs around 6:30 from both breasts.  We then go to bed around 8:00 and I will put her on the last breast she nursed from.  This appears to be giving her the hind milk she needs to sleep.  I’ve read that some women who do this use the same breast for three feedings in a row to help the baby get to the fatty milk, but then my second breast would explode and I’d have to clean it up and buy a new breast…. sounds like a lot of work.  I’m not quite sure when my supply will start to get to a normal range, but I imagine the longer she goes without a cluster feed (they are only once a week now) then eventually the milk will level out and she will be getting all the fatty goodness she needs at every feeding!  (If you are new here, I cannot pump, even with the over supply, so do not suggest it!  Thanks!)

So, blanket + getting milk straighten out = sleepy baby. Wahoo!  (I’ve totally jinxed myself… no chance she’s sleeping tonight…)


2 thoughts on “It Worked! I Think. I Hope. Oh No, I Jinxed It!

  1. hah that’s great! fatty milk is a good thing for sure, and Tabs hated the hard mattress too, not being used to it (napping in someone’s arms is so much softer). I considered a blanket but went with foam. glad to see she feels snuggly in her crib.
    sorry about your engorged boobs. ugh!! you just cant win.

  2. 12 weeks is the magic number for breast milk regulating. Also the fuller the breast fills the less milk it will make. The emptier the breast the more you make. I only nurse on one side now and had to block feed (feed from one side for several feedings then switch) due to oversupply. Not fun. Hope you get some relief soon.

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