Will I?

I have made the decision to force myself to start cloth diapers once my last two packs of disposables are done.  I will still keep a few disposables around for “I forgot to dry the laundry” times, which are quite frequent now that my washer and dryer are upstairs.  Who has time to go upstairs!?

I tried one on her this morning.  It’s certainly bulky on her little frame, but not bad enough to bother her.  Not sure how much she weighs, but she should be pushing the scales around 9lbs by now.  Of course all the snaps are on the smallest setting possible!  They are so adorable though!  I can’t wait until she’s pooping in style!  Environmentally and economically friendly style, that is!

How did everyone else transition to cloth?  Did you go in slowly, just dipping your toes in?  Or did you keep yourself from buying disposable to force yourself to have to use them?


6 thoughts on “Will I?

  1. I purchased one box of diapers to get me through the muconium and ‘omg, I’m a mother’ stage. From there, I plan to use my cloth 100% of the time. I may even use them on occasion before my big box of diapers runs out, just to check fit etc.

  2. Just jumped in both feet. I knew if I had disposables to fall back on I would not follow through. We now do spoises at night but its cloth the rest of the time. I am addicted to them haha love all the cute prints and it makes their booty so cute!!

  3. Totally unrelated… bringing up the pump issue again. Just a thought. My friend was having trouble with the electric pump, and she tried a manual one for 10 minutes and pumped out of what we call “the gusher” (the breast that lets down fast and produces a lot), and she got 5oz in 10 minutes of manual pumping… she said it was SOOO much faster/better than the electric. **note, her baby is 3 months old and had slept 8 hours so it had been 8 hours since that breast had any action, which is why she got a total of 7oz that morning from it… so don’t expect that right now. but ANYWAY… in the future, it could be worth a shot? Can’t remember if you tried a manual pump. She was really excited about it.

      • LOL! No kidding. NO kidding. I say, wait another month =P Don’t stress yourself out over it. My insurance plan will PAY for a manual pump for me (but not electric, although apparently I could rent an electric one… would have been nice to know BEFORE getting one). You could always look into that in the future. It’s awesome that you ARE breastfeeding!!!

  4. We started using cloth during the day (at 5 months old) and continued using disposable at night. Also, my husband has always used ‘sposies when he takes care of Sam without me (grocery shopping, day out with the older kids, etc) because I don’t want him to have to bother with any of that. 😉 I’d say we use cloth about 75% of the time, which still saves lots of money and prevents that many diapers from going to the landfills.
    I don’t think cloth has to be all or nothing. Do what works for you! 😀

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