Miss Personality

Babies are little blobs of squishy skin.  They just sit around all day, eating, pooping, and sleeping.  They have no personality.  Or so I thought…

Having my own baby has completely changed my mind on babies.  They are their own little person from day one.  Hour one. Minute one, even.  I can’t believe I’ve never been able to see it before.  All babies are not the same ball of squish.  They are not boring… unless they aren’t yours.

Do you think it’s possible that you can only see a baby’s personality this early if it’s your own?  I mean, I can just see what she’s thinking.  I can see her learning and growing and becoming more of a person every day.  I look at other babies and I see drooling, spitting up, crying, and squish.  Even when moms would tell me things like “oh, he thinks you are funny!” i’d say.. “yea, okay then.”  It’s true though!  You can tell when they like something, dislike something, or think something is funny.  This girl seriously “laughs” at me sometimes.  It’s with her eyes, and a quick little smile, but I know that if she had the ability to laugh this early, she’d be doing it.   She honestly thinks mommy is funny, and I can tell!

So, am I the only one who feels this way?  Even seeing babies now, while I have my own, I still see them as nothing but squishy blobs, and I see my own as some sort of advanced little person who is just aching to walk, talk, and laugh.  I will never roll my eyes at another mother who is telling me what her baby is thinking, because that’s exactly what I have started doing.  Who is rolling their eyes at me?!


4 thoughts on “Miss Personality

  1. Couldn’t agree more. You know, my mom had 3 kids, and now Tabitha is her 3rd grandchild, and she’ll say things like “oh, I can tell she’s going to have a great sense of humor.” or “she’s sensitive like you were” etc. She can tell me the difference between how each of my nieces were as babies and their personalities. They really do come out with a formed personality.. they are not just blank slates. As I mentioned before, sometimes it’s hard to believe they are only 2 months old… like, omg, you seem like a PERSON. When I think of a 2 month old I think of BLOB. hah. It’s awesome you are connecting so much with your daughter and really seeing who she is already 🙂

  2. You are right, dear mom. I had this experience with my four babies. I remember the third one, my adorable second baby girl, she was very selective since she was born. She loved mom to pieces, but was very skeptical about letting other people pick her up. She would analyze everybody and only then give the “ok”. And she was a few weeks old only. Now she is studying to become a layer, hahaha…
    As you say, yes, babies have personality from the first minute they come in the world.

  3. haha! I totally get you on this one. I can definitely see my little guy’s personality even though it’s harder to see those qualities in other babies…but think it’s all about the quality time you get to spend with your own – you just can’t help but to know them so well!

  4. They most definitely have their own personalities and it is so neat to see. I like to watch other babies also though. Any time am near a baby I have to go talk and play with him/her. They all have a personality and I love to see each one, even the ones that aren’t mine.

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