My Baby’s Clothes Are Shrinking!

…or maybe she’s getting bigger? Ah! My little baby girl is growing up, fast!

Two weeks ago, we were in an odd state between newborn and 3 month pajamas.  We only had one size newborn pajama that would fit, so we checked out what we had for 3 month.  We tried one set, and it was SO big.  The crotch went down to her knees, and the body swallowed her whole.  It looked like she was wrapped in a blanket, not snapped into pajamas.  Luckily, we had ONE set of 3 month pajamas that fit! Woo!  So I’ve been washing laundry every three days to make sure the pajamas were clean (I let her wear the same pajamas two nights in a row).

…Then last night, it happened.  Our only 3 month pajama set was accidentally forgotten in the wash.  Oopsy!  So I left the job of finding something for bedtime to my husband (we have a couple sleep sacks that fit, but I HATE sleep sacks… pains!).  I walked in to see how everything was going, and to my utter shock, she was wearing the pajama set that had tried to eat her just two weeks ago.  It fits PERFECTLY.  I mean, perfectly.  How has this happened in just two weeks?  How is she growing so quickly, yet looks exactly the same to me?  I even went through her pictures this morning to see if I could figure out when it happened.  I couldn’t.

The only conclusion?  Her clothes are shrinking!  Must be something with the weather change…

The Incredible Shrinking Pajamas!
The Incredible Shrinking Pajamas!

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