I’ve had a rash ever since giving birth.  Not sure if it was caused by the epidural, or if it’s just a hormonal thing.  I imagine if it were the epidural it wouldn’t have spent this past week creeping up from my back onto my shoulder… sneaky rash.  It is super bumpy (as a rash typically is) and itchy.  Let’s just say that it adds nothing to the non-existent feeling of sexy I’ve had going on lately.  I feel that I am nothing but a milk machine, and I am okay with that, but I don’t need to feel like a milk machine with an untouchable skin disease, that’s just no fair!

So I had the bright idea of trying coconut oil.  My neighbor pretty much suggests it for everything, from nipple soreness to peeling skin on her twins.  I have some that I purchased to make Emmy’s diaper rash cream, but I haven’t got around it it yet, and lucky she hasn’t had any need for any yet *knock on wood*.  I applied some of the coconut oil to a small spot on my back and went about the rest of my evening and then went to sleep.  This morning in the shower I reached back to see if there were any results (I can’t see it myself, I can only feel it), and to my great surprise, the rash is completely gone in that spot!  No bumps, no itching!

I LOVE natural remedies for things, especially now that I have a baby who relies on me for her only sustenance.  I don’t want anything in or on my body that may affect her.

So if any of you are experiencing an itchy rash, post-baby or not, I’d give this a try before any of the commercial remedies that may contain chemicals that will absorb into your skin.  And for those of you interested in the diaper rash cream I plan on making one day, the recipe I will be using is this one.  Be sure to use a liner if you use cloth diapers!  The Zinc Oxide acts as a water repellent, and we know you don’t want that on a cloth diaper!

Good luck, fellow hippies!  May your rashes never itch!



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