Two Months

Today my baby girl is two months old!  Whoa!

She is turning in to such a little person, and she has grown SO much in just a month! Wow!

I will do a longer post sometime this week…. I have a fussy baby on my hands at the moment.  She hasn’t pooped in over 36 hours, and I think it is making her quite upset.  Just wait until tomorrow when she has to get 2-4 vaccines.  I am FREAKING out about those!  At our one month appointment she had to have one shot (the second Hepatitis B shot) and she was SO upset.  I can’t imagine 2-4 shots.  Someone tell me it’s not as bad as I’m thinking?


Here is a picture of my gorgeous little girl at two months old!

24 27


10 thoughts on “Two Months

  1. adorable!! 2 months already. wowza!
    2 month shots… hm. Well I didn’t get Tabs the Hep B vaccine so she only got 2 shots at her 2 month appt. 1 in each leg. 1 wasn’t so bad, the other was a long scary needle and that hurt her and she did not like it one bit. And then the third vaccine was for RotaVirus and it’s an oral medicine, a liquid. Tabs didn’t seem to mind it.
    Well, good luck!

    • How was she afterwards? Any crankiness or sadness during the rest of the day?
      Why did you hold off of the Hep B? You are the second person who has told me they did that. Too late for us now, but I’m curious. 🙂
      She got the first one in the hospital, second at one month, and she’ll get the third at six months.

      • She was happy as a lark afterwards until that evening when she had a melt down and just cried in a way that was different than usual crying.. seemed to be in pain. I gave her tylenol and rocked her and she was fine.
        I held off on Hep B because I just thought, why does a baby need that? I got Hep B vaccination when I was older and was going to be drawing blood from people as part of my job. Hep B can only be contracted through blood exposure and I just figured… when is Tabs going to be exposed to people’s blood? I mean, if you do get Hep B, it’s bad. It can lead to liver cancer down the line, so it’s good to be vaccinated against it… I just figured I’d do it when she was older, like a teenager or something. In hindsight, it might have been easier just to get it over with when they are sooo young.

      • Yea, I didn’t get hep B until I was 23! I asked why they did it so early and the answer was pretty much “cause this is when we do it.” Eh, oh well. You may be right about getting it over with while they are young.
        I told my husband I wish they could just give me the shots and then when I breastfeed she could get them through that. That’s a thing, right? lol

  2. We don’t do hep B and we delay vax so we only get 2 shots at a time. The hep B isn’t goo for life so they have to retake them when they go to college. We only get the shots required to start kindergarten in the state. I printed a form and if the vax isn’t in the form we don’t get it. We do Tylenol right after and a half ounce of sugar water before, that always helps. Sugar is a natural pain reliever. Also ask if you can breast feed while thy give the shots. I do that with R and she has never had an issue. We have to go tomorrow and get the chicken pix vax . Hope it goes well.

    • Thanks! I hope so too! We shall see. She was pretty upset about the Hep B shot last time. We are ready with the Tylenol though.
      We are just going to get what they give. I’m a hippy, but her daddy and I got what they give, and that’s how we will do it.
      Did you try hunting down children who had chicken pox so that she didn’t have to get the vaccine? That’s what my sister tried to do. Don’t think she ever found anyone though?

      • No that’s crazy! We just wait until she is 18 months. We just skip hep B, flu, and one more but I can’t remember. Oh Tylenol the miracle cure for shot haha. Basically I let them give 2 needle sticks per trip. And the chicken pox I wait until 18 months and MMR I wait until 2. I want them protected but don’t like it all at once.

  3. We did the Hep B in the hospital and at 1 month… did Prevnar and DTap at 2, 4, and 6… did Polio and Hib at 7 (will do that at 9 and 11 as well). *I* cried at the 2 month shots! B/c our insurance didn’t cover the Pentacel shot (five vacs in one poke), we decided to do two pokes per visit. We chose not to do the Rotavirus one (just personal preference – that one is a live vaccine, and you have to be super careful with changing poopy diapers after it b/c it will infect you too, lol). We give a half dose of baby Tylenol right when we get home from the appt (I think it’s 2.5 ml) and that seems to ward off some general achiness. She seems to have the biggest reaction to the first round of whatever she’s getting (makes sense) and it normally involves some really miserable-sounding crying. The Tylenol definitely helps, as does some quality cuddling. She’s fine the next day, maybe a bit more subdued than usual, but not needing meds. Hope it goes well!

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