We Have Poop!

We have poop, people!

Finally, after three days, we have poop!  I was beginning to think I was going crazy and that maybe she was pooping at night and I was just too tired to remember.  Apparently, it was a pretty nasty and big one.  Thanks, hubby!  

(The above section of this post is for Kathryn.  She said she wanted to know when our babies poop AND when they don’t.  This should satisfy both!  Hi!)


In other news, I just hand expressed an entire ounce out of one of my breasts! WHOA!  This was only possible because she will not feed off of this breast.  The reason?  She got the Tdap shot in her left leg, and it hurts her leg to nurse off of my right breast because it presses against that leg. Poor lady.  She got a dose of Tylenol and seems to be in better spirits, but she still won’t nurse off of that side.  I guess I will be bringing a bottle upstairs to squeeze in to for the rest of the night… you know, so my breast doesn’t explode and whatnot.

The doctors visit went well.  Two shots and an oral vaccine.  She didn’t mind the oral vaccine, but the shots were not her friend.  She cried for a few minutes and then fell asleep for 2.5 hours.  Then she fed for an hour (on one side) and then passed out for another two hours.  It was after this last go that she realized the pain was there and was not going away.  The screeching was so sad.  I’m glad she is able to have a little bit of Tylenol for these occasions.

It’s been a long day.  I am hoping she feels better tomorrow… both from her huge poop and the pain in her leg going away.  I do not like to see my little one sad!


4 thoughts on “We Have Poop!

  1. so excited about this poop! Tabs sometimes goes a few days without and then other times its several times a day! glad she is ok from her shots.. never fun 😦

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