What A Difference A Day Makes

Today was the first day that Emmy has reached out and actually grasped something.  It was AMAZING!  Think about it… the FIRST time she ever intentionally reached out and grabbed on to something.  She will do this a billion times in life, and I got to see the first!  She has also started batting at her stuffed flower rattle.  It’s like she suddenly knows that it’s there.  She learns something new everyday!

Last night we had our best night of sleep so far!  4.5 – 2.5 – 1! Yes, that’s right, 8 hours!  I know that some babies are sleeping through the night at this point, but I am okay with this for now.  I woke up twice during the 4.5 round to check her breathing.  *Crazy mom or normal mom?*  I’m assuming it was from the trauma of the vaccinations yesterday, but who knows? Maybe it was the start of learning to sleep for longer periods of time?  We will see!

Oh, i meant to mention last night that when I hand expressed that ounce of milk, I put a nipple on it and handed it to my husband.  Well, it was a no go.  She likes the bottle nipple about as much as she like a pacifier, which is not at all.  She is nine weeks old though, and she’s never had a bottle before, so I wasn’t hopeful.  I’m just so glad my boobs are more than up for the task of providing all the milk she needs.  It’s also nice that I am okay with being a homebody.  I know a lot of women wouldn’t be okay with it, but I love it!

Well…. Miss Emmy is ready for bedtime… G’night!


3 thoughts on “What A Difference A Day Makes

  1. It is so amazing to witness all these “firsts” – so fun! Wait until she finds her toes- so cute how fascinated they get with them.

    And Daxton is 4 months old and I still panic sometimes and go check to see if he is breathing. I think that is normal. That is what i’m telling myself anyway!

  2. WTF… when the hell did 2 months happen? have i like completely missed a month…. oh wait… I did.. my bad, I cant believe this, its guna take me a little while to track back and read all the entries i have missed!!

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