Baby Narcolepsy, Boobs, And Cloth

Okay, I know narcolepsy is not funny in the slightest, but that is the only way I know how to describe it!

Every couple weeks, she goes through a phase where she will eat for five minutes, pass out, wake up ten minutes later, eat for five minutes, pass out…. (you get the gist).  Last night she would eat for 20 minutes, pass out (hard), and then sleep for an hour and be wide awake to eat again.  THIS is why I didn’t post a brag update about how last week she was sleeping for 4.5-5.5 hours in a row.  I knew it wouldn’t last.  I just got lucky!  It was nice though.  I was getting nine hours of sleep a night!  Can you imagine what that was like after nine weeks? Ah, magical.  I will just have to patiently wait for the magic to return…. cause it totally will… RIGHT?!

I was also wondering about something.  Do the rest of the breastfeeders out there have one nipple that just doesn’t work as well as the other?  I mean, my baby latches like a pro on both (I have been lucky with this since the day she was born), but when she latches on the right it’s just not as easy going (for either of us) as when she latches on the left.  I imagine that since no two boobs are the same, that this is pretty standard, but I was just curious!

This week I plan on TRYING to get the house ready for my husbands birthday party.  I’m not sure where this time is going to come from, but I figure if I can at least have the downstairs looking nice, I can block of the stairs to the rest of the house.  Tehehe.  The in-laws can deal with a messy upstairs, they know the deal!

I also must admit that I have failed in my attempt to start cloth diapers.  Lame, I know.  I am just so nervous about how big they are still.  I really don’t want to have to wash everything all the time because they leaked on her, me, and her boppy.  I know I’m going to have to jump in and do it eventually (my husband won’t let me forget that) but… whaaa!  I am hoping to at least try a diaper a day soon.  Maybe starting small will help me dip my toes in a bit.  I plan on keeping her in disposable at night for a while though.  Last thing I want is to have to redo her whole bassinet setup in the middle of the night!

Well, I’m off.  I’m going to attempt to not pass out, since my baby is wide awake, kicking her feet, and giving me big smiles.  Little cutie!


4 thoughts on “Baby Narcolepsy, Boobs, And Cloth

  1. My little one seems to prefer my right book to the left one. I don’t know if it’s because he gets a better latch or what (we struggled with latch issues from day 1 on both boobs, so his preference is progress!). I always make sure to start him out on the left boob as I feel like when he’s super hungry, he will latch either side, so that way i don’t end up with giant Left boob at the end of our sessions haha

  2. We only nurse on the left side. The right she didn’t really care for and I kept getting blocked ducts so we just retired righty.
    If you figure out the trick to get them to sleep PLEASE let me know. R still is the worst sleeper on the planet. But I figure its a good post apocalyptic life skill, being able to function on no sleep, so silver lining.
    We do spoises at night. I think R was around 3/4 months when started cloth full time. Hope you figure it out soon!!

  3. Yep my left nipple is just weird…its even weird looking but she seems to be making it work after a while figuring out what to do with over active let down….

    As for cloth diapers…girl just do it! I’m on baby number 1 and started full cloth around week 3 and partial cloth week 2 Iove it! Just make sure the liner/insert/pre fold isn’t sticking out of the shell or cover and make sure its tight around the legs (you can get a finger under but no gaps and you should be fine. I’ve only had 1 leak in cloth and it was totally my fault the legs were gapping it would be the same wiht disposables. But grandma has had 2 blowouts with posies (to be fair one was from a too small NB diaper because I didn’t know she had grown out of them since I don’t use them,lol)

  4. well think about her narcoleptic eating as a phase rather than the 5hr stretch sleeping asa pphase. more sleep will come but it never will be easy (my bro has 2 toddlers and they still have tough nights). but remember being a teenager and sleeping all day? so just hang in there 14 more years.
    tabs seems fine on either boob but with pumping my left produces only half of what the right does.
    good luck not just getting the house clean but keeping it that way. I always mess it up after five min.

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