Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade Groups

Okay people.  I will admit that I HATE Goodwill.  I even dislike yard sales.  Why?  Because I don’t like other peoples junk.  Everything in Goodwill smells the same, and it makes me think of all the people who have worn everything in there.  Gross.  Yard Sales make me feel uncomfortable.  People are looking at me look at their stuff.  Are they judging me for judging their things?  If I like something are they secretly thinking “wow, they like that?  Don’t they wonder why I’m selling it!? I remember when I had sex all over that thing!”  Which could also be how people feel about everything they take to Goodwill.  I may be alone in this, but there it is.

I do not judge those who love either of these things though.  I am actually jealous that you are comfortable with it because I know that you get amazing deals!  Go get em!

Now, I was a little wary of joining these Facebook buy/sell/trade groups because of the heeby jeebies I get from the above mentioned things, but I find myself loving them because 1. I can look at these things and judge them without someone staring at me, and 2. They give reasons as to why they are getting rid of the things (which could be made up, but it I am choosing to believe).  I have really enjoyed the children’s site.  I know that people are selling these things because their kids have grown out of them, or hated them, and not because their children pooed all over it and they were too skeeved out to keep it…. or so I choose to believe!

My good deals so far?  I got a Bumbo seat for $5, and today I got two Chew Bead necklaces (never worn or chewed) for $25 (total).  For those of you who do not know, a bumbo seat is $35 and the necklaces were $29.50 for one and $36.50 for the other if bought retail.  DEAL MAKIN’!!!!

I suggest you all look in to your local Facebook children buy/sell/trade groups.  DEALS PEOPLE! MONEY SAVING DEALS!!

I am also on a furniture group, but no luck there so far!


4 thoughts on “Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade Groups

  1. I am with you on this. I like the idea of going to a children’s consignment shop more than a yard sale. I feel embarrassed just driving slowly PAST a yard sale to see if there is anything worth stopping for. I should stop even doing this because i never stop anyway. I’ve recently joined some FB buy/sell/trade sites as well. I haven’t bought anything yet – had one thing fall through on me, but it wasn’t a big deal. But i like the idea behind it!

    • Ah, yes! I like children’s consignment shops! My little one is wearing an outfit from one right now!
      Our neighborhood had a community yard sale and we went walking around that morning. It is so much worse when it’s your neighbors. haha

  2. Haha I am the opposite I hate the BST sites but love consignment sales and goodwill. I went to a church yard sale and got both kids tons of clothes, some with tags on them, for $8 total!!!
    I understand not wanting to but used and I support that because I am poor and it’s more for me 🙂

  3. I totally get what you’re saying about having people watch you go through their stuff at garage sales and estate sales. I’ve recently found out about Facebook Buy Sell Trade pages and while I haven’t found anything yet, I totally browse through them 🙂

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