A Love Letter

My Love,

It feels like it’s been ages since we last spent the night together.  Tangled in the sheets, face buried in the pillow, perfectly encompassed by all that you are.  Long nights, afternoons, whenever.  There was never enough time in the day to have you.  But lately things have changed…

Ever since the arrival of baby girl, and even a little before then, our time together has been limited.  I do not blame her, she is little and requires a lot of attention, day and night.  We couldn’t have expected things to stay the same, and we didn’t, but we certainly couldn’t have imagined that ten weeks later we’d still be experiencing such a dry spell.  The longing is growing stronger and stronger every day.  The nights are the worst though.  I think about you a thousand times a day at least.  I wonder sometimes if I may be becoming obsessed with the thought of you.  Is this healthy?  Is this normal?  Should I desire you THIS much?  I can’t help it, this is just how I feel.  I need you, I want you, I must have you!

So, until we meet again, sleep….

Love Always,



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