Bumbo Baby

My little lady is eleven weeks old today!  She has been holding her head up pretty well over the past two weeks, so I decided that today was the day to try out her Bumbo seat.  I was nervous going in, but those seats are made so perfectly for a baby with slight head control, but no back strength yet.  I’m very impressed!

So here is my gorgeous baby, sitting up “on her own” for the first time ever!  Proud, happy mama!


6 thoughts on “Bumbo Baby

  1. Very cute! Bumbo’s are awesome. I bought one for Ayla a few weeks ago when she was about 4.5 months old and her legs were too fat to fit! I have to wedge her in there, but when the time comes to get her out I have to hold her up like a bumble-bee with a big bum and wriggle her around until she pops out! lol.

    • haha… that sounds absolutely adorable! I suggest you take a picture of this adorable situation. 🙂
      Right now she’s still relying on the back of it to keep her head up, but she’s doing so well! She’ll be riding around on my hip in no time! (Sure will make doing things around the house a bit easier!)

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