Breastfeeding In Public: My Opinion

Okay, let me start this by saying that this is my own opinion.  I am not judging anyone for their particular thoughts on this subject, but I think I may be in a small percentage of breastfeeders with this particular opinion, so I’d like to share.

I do not believe that I should breastfeed in public places with my bare breast out.  I know that may sound crazy because breastfeeding is natural, but breasts, to me, are not something to be on display, no matter what they are doing.  Unless maybe your shirt catches on fire and you have to get naked to save yourself from having burnt boobies.  Otherwise, my breasts are staying in my shirt, or under an udder cover.

“But breastfeeding is not sexual!” you say.

Yes, I agree.  Breastfeeding is not sexual, but come on, breasts totally are.  From the moment you blossom, to the moment you die, your breasts are for sexy fun time, minus a couple years while they are being used for breastfeeding.  Admit it, you have intentionally dressed with cleavage, or used your boobs to get free drinks, and during sexy fun time, they are go to fixtures.  Breasts are GREAT, and as an added bonus, they can be used for breastfeeding!  Way to go, boobs!

Now, if YOU want to breastfeed in public without a cover, go for it.  I am not judging you, but I’d like for you to realize that there are women out there (even breastfeeding women – ahem) who are not comfortable with it.  As much as you feel like you are being judged for bare-breastfeeding in public, women like me feel judged for not wanting to do that.  Some people are uncomfortable with things even if they are natural.  Although, I must say, being rude to people who are breastfeeding in public is not acceptable behavior.  A friend of mine told me that she was breastfeeding in a restaurant and a woman told her kid to stay away from them because it was “dirty over there.”  If you don’t want your kids to see it, request a different table, or explain to the mother that you would feel more comfortable if she could cover up.  Any mother should be understanding of another mothers request for how they choose to raise their children.  As for non-parent people, make your best judgement towards them.  You may remember your non-baby having days and the thought of you and your husband having dinner across from a boob might make you go “ah, yea, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed my husband checking out a boob over cheese fries.”  You may look at that and think “breastfeeding is natural!” but your husband may be thinking “don’t look at it… don’t look at it. Oh god, I looked at it!”

There is a balance of keeping you and your baby comfortable, as well as those around you.   Just saying, don’t be mad at others for being uncomfortable, try to be understanding, and hopefully others will be understanding of you!  I personally don’t care if I see your breast, and neither does my husband (now that we have a baby), but you won’t be seeing mine, and that is okay because that is my choice!



16 thoughts on “Breastfeeding In Public: My Opinion

  1. Yeah pooping is natural, everyone does it, but we still do it behind closed doors. I don’t care if I see someone breastfeeding either, but I am personally uncomfortable doing it in public. It’s hard enough for me to do it with a hooter hider on. There’s just too much boob to negotiate with… lol I did it once at Cafe Express but in an empty back room, and mostly behind a partition, AND with a hooter hider and my husband on look out. lol

  2. It is actually illegal to say anything to a breast feeding mother and this state is a state that enforces that law. I agree that a mom should feed her baby any way she is comfortable but I dare someone to tell me to cover up. This is one of the only countries in the world that sees breasts for men before babies. Breasts were made to feed babies. If someone is uncomfortable they are welcome to cover their head. And if some man is so immature that he can’t control his urges long enough not to look at a boob feeding a baby then that his problem.

    • I think you missed the point. I am saying that those who are pro-bare breast in public and those who are not should be thoughtful of each other. I didn’t say that anyone should force you to cover up, but that if a mother with children asks you to please cover up, that maybe you would, because you would respect that she has her way to raise her babies, and you have yours. It’s all about respect for both sides! 🙂

      • I got what you were saying, I was saying that no one should ask you to cover up for any reason. And if they do it is a criminal offense. Just because someone is uncomfortable doesn’t mean they get the right to tell me or anyone how to feed their baby. I have fought long and hard and work with many women who are fighting the fight to normalize breastfeeding and get these laws not only passed but enforced. That would be like a negate roam telling you not to let your kid eat a chicken nugget in front of them because they are raising their kids not to eat meat. Which is a much better way to look at Breastfeeding in public then comparing it to bathroom habits or nose picking.
        I think woman should be free to feed their babies anyway thy want and that no one has the right to say otherwise. It’s hard enough trying to mother in today’s world without comments like that floating around. If you want to cover awesome, if you don’t great, if you want to give a bottle more power to you but I say that someone should cover or change they way they feed their baby to make someone comfortable, not ok.

  3. I am on baby #3 (well, he’s actually 2 years old now, and still breastfeeding) and I am STILL not comfortable just whipping ’em out in public! Using a cover draws more attention to what you’re doing than not covering, in my opinion, so I generally will just nurse in the car. If I have to do it while somewhere, I am VERY discreet and you really can’t tell what I’m doing. I’m not ashamed or anything, but I want to respect everyone around me, and I know not everyone is comfortable with seeing someone breastfeed.

    • Very well said! I haven’t tried breastfeeding in public yet, but it gives me hives just thinking about it!
      Just curious, are you letting him wean himself or do you have a cut off? I plan to wean by 13 months, but I do LOVE the time we spend together while she’s nursing. Nothing like having your baby grab your thumb and squeeze it while nursing. Ah! Love it! It would be difficult to wean just for that reason. 🙂

      • Well, weaning is a tricky thing this time. With my first two, I chose to wean because it seemed like the right time (our dd was 14 months and ds was 16 months) but with Samuel…he really likes to nurse…a lot! lol He used to sign ‘milk’ before he could talk, when he wanted to nurse and now says it when he would like it. I don’t work outside the home so we’re together all the time. My point is that there isn’t any reason for me to say “no” and it has never seemed like the right time to wean because he still enjoys it and requests it. The way I look at it is that I’d be giving him cow’s milk (or almond or soy) if I weren’t breastfeeding, so why wean?
        My husband is the one really motivating me to continue because he sees how much Samuel benefits emotionally from it. I would, honestly, like to be done. We are ttc baby #4 and it just isn’t happening because of breastfeeding. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy nursing him, because I do, but I would like to get busy baking his younger sibling! 😉 Get a bun in the oven again!!
        So to answer your question, I have no idea. I am hoping I become pregnant and it will affect my milk, making him less interested so he will wean naturally.

      • This all makes perfect sense! I hope you are able to conceive while still breastfeeding. I know it happens, but I’ve heard it is difficult.
        Number four?? You go girl! 🙂

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