Ever Want To Shave Your Head??

I have been itchy since the end of my pregnancy.  Hormones.. yeesh!  So along with skin itching all over, my head, neck, upper back, and shoulders have it the worst due to my long, itchy hair.  No matter how many times I put it back up, there is always hair falling out and making me so much more itchy.  AH!  I just want to have one of those super short hair cuts… but I’m just not sure I can pull it off.

I’m hoping my hormones will even out by the time she is weaned.  I am a little worried about a dip in hormones though.  I can feel my PCOS and/or my POF imbalance sneaking up on me (hot flashes like whoa).  I’m hoping it won’t affect my breast milk production.  I want to at least make it to six months, with the ultimate goal of one year.

So…. who is with me? Shall we all shave our heads now??


6 thoughts on “Ever Want To Shave Your Head??

    • No, I had no idea you could take allergy medicine for itchy skin! I’m new to this whole thing. haha Do you get bumps too, or just itchy? I’m getting bumpy, dry skin along with it. It’s really helping me feel that much more sexy! :p

  1. My son is 5 months old and in the last couple months my hair has been falling out like crazy! I thought I was going bald until someone told me it was normal after pregnancy. But still….its annoying and I would love to shave my head lol!!

  2. I have atopic dermatitis or Urticaria – both sort of fancy way of saying hives or rashes. So yes, I get bumps sometimes, or raised hives as a reaction to “pressure” mostly. Like, if my dog jumps on me and her sharp claws catch my leg…it will turn into a rash/hive. Taking the antihistamines helps it not be AS bad. I take the off brand of zyrtec which you can get OTC for pretty cheap and it is enough to help me still functions as a PRETTY normal human being! I also have eczema sometimes when the weather changes or i’m super stressy. So i feel you on the skin issues!

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