Oh, The Blocked Ducts…

Ugh, people.  I have two, very large, very painful, blocked ducts in my right breast.  This is what I get for having one good run of sleep this week (five hours straight on Monday night).  I have applied heat, and I have been rubbing like crazy.  So far, still lumpy, but less so.  It doesn’t help that that is baby girls least favorite side to nurse on.  I’m hoping for the big unclogging leak to happen soon!  Maybe I will go out in public. insuring that it will happen soon.

My little lady seems to be feeling a little more herself today.  She has been so “off” lately.  Not smiling as much, crying for no reason (or none I can see), been very clingy (which I do not mind at all), and sleeping a lot, but only in small spurts (other than the five hours in a row mentioned above).  Today she has been smiling and generally much more awake and happy.  She has been coughing and sneezing a little today.  I’m wondering if the temperature change is getting her a little.  It’s been in the upper 60’s the past couple days!  Yay for the Fall weather, but boo for the allergies that come along with it.  She has also been very fond of sucking on her fist lately.  I wonder when she will stick out that thumb and realize that it is a much better sucking thing than an entire fist?  Only time will tell!

My family is coming in to town this weekend.  It will be the first time they’ve seen her since the day she was born!  She is 12 weeks old now!  They won’t know what to think!  I just hope they are okay with me being clingy and not wanting to share too much.  Anyone else a non-sharer?  I’m wondering if it’s because I am with her all day and never really have to share, or if this is just a typical mom thing?  Either way… she is mine!

I also want to apologize for the moodiness of my post yesterday.  I really appreciate all of the support towards myself and my writing!  You all really made my day yesterday!

Now I am going to my happy place… sitting in my recliner while my baby girl naps in my lap.  Maybe I can even get a little crocheting done!  Happy hump day, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Oh, The Blocked Ducts…

  1. Try to get the duct unclogged by either pumping (I know you don’t like the pump) or by having your hubs suck it out. If it doesn’t get out it will cause mastitis and you will want to die! They do not unclog on their own so make sure you try, try, try!

    • It’s not that I don’t like the pump. I’d love if it worked. My breasts do not respond to pumping.
      I’ve been able to successfully unclog my own ducts 6-7 times, so I’m thinking I’ll be able to do it again. I know what happens if they do not unclog. I will be sure to do what I can to prevent mastitis.

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