Normal People Pants — Kind Of — Not Really…

Okay, so, my maternity pants are all dirty.  I’m not sure why this is happening, but ever since we moved into this house, my clothes tend to come out of the wash smelling… weird.  Like vomit.  JUST my clothes.  Emmy’s, mine, and my husbands can all be in the wash together, and mine come out stinking.  It doesn’t happen every time either.  Am I leaking some kind of hormone into my clothes that makes the smell like vomit when fused with detergent??  What is the deal?!

Anyway, my pants are all dirty.  I have a skirt, but wasn’t feeling it.  I grabbed my largest “normal people pants” and quietly said “pleeeeease” to myself.  Well, they went over the thighs!  STEP ONE!  (This is the first time I’ve been able to do this)  Then I went to button them.  Not even close, but I remembered the early pregnancy trick…. a hair tie through the button hole and around the button! WIN!  Sure, my butt crack hangs out when I sit down, but I will take it.  Just don’t look at my butt crack, k?



5 thoughts on “Normal People Pants — Kind Of — Not Really…

  1. I had that problem if my clothes sat too long in the washer before they went in the dryer. But that would be everything in the load….very strange that its just your stuff….

    • I know. I cannot figure it out! I’ve definitely had some funky smelling stuff from leaving it in the washer too long, but this is totally different. Like a sickly smell. And just my stuff is so weird!

  2. Yah that is weird that it’s just your stuff. Not sure how that is possible! I’m with PP here and mine will smell if i don’t get them out of the wash fast enough!

    Congrats on normal people pants, even if it is SORT OF. that COUNTS in my book!

    • I agree! I will take sort of! Just last week they didn’t go over my thighs, so I can’t complain too much!
      Not sure why it’s just my stuff either. I just cannot get it to stop. I guess maybe I am l just excreting some type of funk that sticks in my clothes and smells bad after washing? That’s probably a thing….? Or maybe maternity clothes begin to self destruct after nine months? 😉

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