Invisible Paci

My baby loves to suck on her invisible paci.  Once she falls asleep while nursing, she continues to suck while she’s sleeping.  It is absolutely adorable.  I kind of wish she liked an actual pacifier, because I’m sure it would help sooth her more than the air does.  I’ve tried over and over again, with multiple types and shapes though. She’s having none of it.  I respect her decision…. plus she goes nuts when I even attempt to give her one.  She’s the boss!

So, a few weeks ago, we started moving her bed time up to 7:30 from 8:00 because by the time we got her into bed at 8:00, she was beyond tired.  7:30 was working for a while, but now it seems like even that is too late for her.  By the time we get into bed she is a wreck.  She’s sleeping great during the day.  She takes an early morning nap around 10:00 — usually for an hour to and hour and a half.  Then she usually takes an uber long nap in the afternoon for two-three hours.  She’s definitely sleeping enough during the day.  Not that her being extra tired by bedtime is necessarily bad.  She falls asleep quickly after her meltdown, but I don’t want her to think of bedtime as a time to be hysterical.  The hubs and I are going to move her bath time up ten minutes and get her into bed ten minutes earlier to see how that works for her.

Also, I am personally not a fan of bed sharing, or co-sleeping, or whatever else people are calling it these days (because I am 95% sure that I would injure her.  I sleep HARD), but I will say that I do not feel ready to put her in her own room.  I still wake up a few times a night to check on her.  I’m obviously not ready to have two doors between us at night.  I wonder if I ever will be?  I mean, the dogs sleep in the room with us, so why should she have to sleep by herself?  Seems unfair.  I don’t want her to be lonely.  Or…. I just don’t want her away from me…. I’m betting it’s the latter.  I think she will be in our room until at least five months… longer if she still fits in her bassinet. Tehehe…

So, when did you move your baby into another room?  Was the transition smooth?


17 thoughts on “Invisible Paci

  1. My first daughter went into her own room at 10months when I moved out of my parents. And my second daughter is still in my room and she’s nearly 8months old and ends up in our bed at 5am every morning! She used to be breastfed and we coslept then.

  2. Tabitha takes a paci, but if it falls out she continues to suck on the invisible paci too! hahah, it IS adorable!
    Well I have a bed in the nursery so I’ve been sleeping in there. I can’t imagine moving out anytime soon.. unfortunately for me she wakes up too often at night. I think once she’s been sleeping all the way through the night consistently for like a month, then I’ll move out. Otherwise, I don’t like sleeping with a baby monitor and having to walk down the hall, etc. It’s so easy just to pop out of the bed and peer into her crib.
    Part of me wonders if she’ll ever sleep through the night =( I feel so confused about bedtime sometimes. I’d be happy with waking just once at night to feed. *sigh*

    • I think having any expectations on bedtime is dangerous. I’d rather go in blind and be pleasantly surprised to find that one day she is sleeping through the night. haha
      How often is she waking up at night? Does she nurse every time or does she just want to be comforted?

      • every night is different. last night was a freak show.
        A majority of the time (66%? lol) she wakes up to nurse once. Could be 2 am, could be 4 am, could even be 5:45am. I leave for work at 7, so if she last nursed before 4:30am, I’ll wake her up to feed her.
        but really my brain is so fried right now I can’t even remember what’s normal. In the beginning of the night (before midnight) usually I have to just comfort her/give her a paci once or twice.

      • We had a few good nights in a row, followed by last night. I’ve been up since 5:15. She is now sleeping soundly in my lap.
        It’s so strange how each night is so different. I wish I could narrow down a reason, but I know that there isn’t a reason. I’m not sure if that’s more or less comforting to know I have no control over the situation. 😛

  3. For the first 3 months, my son slept in a rock n play sleeper next to me in my room. When it was time for me to go back to work, we spent the last week of my maternity leave transitioning him to “crib sleeping.” We put the pack n play in our room first to help him get used to sleeping on a flat surface with more open space. And then we put him in the crib in his room – and honestly, he slept SO much better. He slept all the way through the night the first night we put him in his crib and has been doing that pretty consistently. I think he just sleeps better without all the noises of us moving around in bed, me getting up to pee, me getting up to pump, etc. And I have a video monitor with sound next to me so i can check on him and see him anytime i want or if i hear something (or think i hear something). His room is really close to ours, so that helps too!

    • I could see how sleeping in her own room could help keep her asleep. I’ve wondered about that myself, but every time there is a noise (dog bark, husband opening/closing doors to leave for work) she doesn’t budge. I hope keeping her in my room longer doesn’t bother her sleep too much!
      She’s getting pretty long though… not sure how much longer we have in the bassinet. Eep!

      • our dogs have definitely had to take a backseat since we had our son. I love them, but they aren’t allowed upstairs when our son is doing tummy time on the bed in the morning or anything. They have never slept in our room – but they’ve gotten the boot on more than one occasion! Someone once told me that “after you have kids, your dogs become dogs again.” Sad, but perhaps a little true!

  4. The big one was in our room until 17 months and the little one is still in our room off and on at 19 months. And try both tend to end up in our room a lot of the time. We have started letting then cuddle together on the floor if they wake at night.

    • I used to have a pallet set up in my grandma and grandpa’s room when I lived with them. When the monsters under the bed came out to get me, I’d run in there and sleep on their floor. Meemaw kicked me out of their bed due to being a little too kicky for her. 🙂

      • That’s why both of mine have been kicked out. I am all good until they start midnight fight club, then they get evicted. We have a truck with pillows and blankets and they can sleep in the floor in those.

      • Have you seen those pillow mats on Etsy? Where you sew together a sheet and stuff it with like five pillows and it makes a comfy mat for them to lay on? That is my goal to try and have one of those for when she’s older and wants to chill on the floor to watch TV or nap! I just have to learn to sew at some point… I may even make one for myself.

      • Yes! But I can’t hand sew and my machine broke several years ago. I use a quilted blanket and a pillow. I don’t want to make them too comfy in hopes that eventually I can have my room back lol. We has a twin mattress on the floor but they till ended up on the actual floor since they are weird.

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