A Real Camera

We have a real camera.  It’s used very infrequently, but my husband uploaded some of the pictures last night.  They consisted of pregnancy pictures from week 24, pictures of Emmy in the hospital, and a few others from a couple weeks ago.  It is pretty amazing to see what pictures look like taken on a nice camera instead of a phone.  They are really beautiful.  I could be biased though, since most of them are of my sweet baby girl.

Here are a few of the really good ones!  I’m pretty sure this will be the first time I’ve shown my face in the blogosphere.  Hope it’s not too scary!

Just 18 weeks ago... Amazing!
Just 18 weeks ago… Amazing!
Happy mama!
Happy mama!
4th of July
4th of July
Celebrating Fall while modeling one of my hats that I am going to try to sell on Etsy!
Celebrating Fall while modeling one of my hats that I am going to try to sell on Etsy!


Well, there you have it.  Just a few of my favorite photos from our long forgotten camera.  I hope to take lots more pictures with the camera so that her photo albums (if I ever get around to making one of those) will look great!


10 thoughts on “A Real Camera

  1. I’ve debated getting a nice camera to take pictures with vs. my cell phone. It’s a hard call because they can be expensive and I wonder if I’ll end up just using my cell phone, anyway?

    Love the hat! So cute!

    • It’s definitely easier to just use your phone, but if you want to get some quality pictures, a real camera is the way to go. I use my phone 95% of the time though, so it’s pretty much just whether you want to lay down some major money on something that takes a slightly better picture. Of course, in a couple years, phone cameras will probably take better quality pictures than a camera!

  2. Okay, seeing your face for the first time changes EVERYTHING. absolutely everything. Okay, not really. But it is strange, as you get to know a blogger through their writing. There’s a certain voice you give them, a way of speaking, and even an idea in your mind about their appearance. (you look adorable btw though I totally imagined you with a pink mohwawk, j/k). But anyway, it’s an interesting way of how revealing your face can change your reader’s perceptions. Thanks for sharing (and Emmy is precious of course).

  3. My hubby has the nice camera he uses and we just upload and order photo books from shutterfly. But everything else is with my phone! Send me a link to your Etsy store. I know people that buy stuff 🙂

  4. OMG – best post ever!!!!! When you follow someone for that long it’s such a bizarre feeling to know all about someone’s life and yet not know what they look like!!!!! You looked FABULOUS pregnant 🙂 awesome post 🙂 x

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