Me And My Drooley McGee

This is my new jam I sing with Emmy.  She loves to drool when she plays.  Not sure if it’s excitement drool or something that just happens when she lays on her back and talks, but it’s adorable.  I’m enjoying the pre-teething drool while I can.

She has also recently become obsessed with her hands.  She likes to rub them together, and hold them, and suck on them.  While I take a shower I can see her hands rising over the top of the bassinet.  She raises them up in the air and clasps them together, rubbing them around in one another.  This is helping her become a pro at grabbing and holding onto her links.  Not sure why she is still anti-putting things in her mouth, but I can totally be okay with that phase holding off for a long time!  She does, however, LOVE to lick blankets and loveys.  Got to keep an eye on that girl…

So, I want to cut my hair off.  Like, all of the hair.  I have never had my hair cut shorter than my shoulders, but I am thinking of going a little nuts with it.  Somewhere between shoulders and pixie.  Currently it is about halfway down my back.  Don’t be jealous, it doesn’t look as good, like you may be imagining.  Due to my PCOS, as my hair grows, it grows to a point.  A scraggly, thin, horrid looking point of thin hair.  Thin hair should not be long.  The biggest problem is that my hair dresser that I super trust is now almost an hour away.  No chance I could do that, so I’m going to have to trust this huge hair cut to a STRANGER!! Ah!  First world problems, right?  I know.

I almost forgot!  The little lady is also learning to roll onto her sides!  So talented!!  I am so impressed with each little thing she learns.  Babies are amazing.  Like little human sponges! Learning, learning, learning!


16 thoughts on “Me And My Drooley McGee

    • I already have some bookmarked on Etsy! I looked at some on Amazon, but there were complaints that some people were sure they got plastic. I know they don’t work for every baby, but I’m hoping they work for mine! 🙂

  1. New moms, why do we always want to cut off all our hair? I cut mine to shoulder length. Less time, less hair! But would styling a really short hairdo be more work or less?
    Drooling, yes drooling drooling everywhere! It’s just the stage. It is insane to see how one week they can’t do something and then the next week they can. It’s like, WHEN did that happen?! Tabs still can’t roll over yet. She just seems so content lying on her back… she’ll roll to her side but then she’s like, eh, that’s enough.

    • I think a short hairdo would be nice because you could wash it, run some product through it, and go. This long hair is ridiculous. I put it up in a messy bun everyday and by the time I take my shower the next morning IT IS STILL WET. It can’t be good to have wet hair 24 hours a day… 🙂
      I wish I knew someone who does hair who could come to my house and chop it all off for me. That would be convenient!

  2. OMG totally cut your hair off it will be soooooo liberating! I didn’t go to a hair dressers till I was 18 I had butt length UBER curly hair and I moved to uni had a couple of pints and hacked the whole lot off it was about an inch long super short pixie!!!!!! Hahaha I haven’t looked back!!!!! I am too excited for u to do this! 🙂 x

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