Wait A Second! Wait, A Second?!

Alright, first time mommies, how are we feeling about everyone and their mothers asking when we are going to have our second?  Who says we are going to?  Why would most of us even be thinking about something like that when our babies have yet to even sleep through the night?  Seriously.  What is up?

The worst is when they don’t straight up ask, but instead make a small comment that is meant to ask the question.  Like, yesterday I was walking by the maternity store in the mall with my mother-in-law.  I had been walking around for 30 minutes, trying to get the little one to sleep because she had not slept the night before or at all during the day.  She was finally asleep, and I was walking around like a zombie lady.  I barely realized I was even in the mall.  So when we walked by the maternity store and my mother-in-law said “you don’t need anything in there!”  And I responded “Thank goodness!”  She decided to say “Well, until the next one.  Right?!”  Seriously?  I probably couldn’t have even spelled my own name at that point, and she wants me to be thinking about having another baby?  I just… I mean… What??  My baby is THREE MONTHS OLD!!  This is not the first family member to do this either, this is just the most recent story.

Here is the deal, people of the world, not everyone can have a second child, not everyone wants a second child, or maybe even both of these things.  Quit asking people.  If a person wants a second child, they will let you know.  If they don’t want a second child, they may let you know that too, or they may just not have a second child and realize that it is none of your business how many children they have.

Rant rant rant


11 thoughts on “Wait A Second! Wait, A Second?!

  1. asahi picture of a newborn on facebook today and I actually felt my heart race out of anxiety and worry. thought to myself oh my god I am not ready for another newborn oh my god I cannot even imagine.

    • I know. Every time a friend of mine announces their pregnancy, I break out into hives. haha I mean, I LOVE my baby girl, but I think of being pregnant and going through the first couple months again and my insides squeeze together and I start to sweat. 🙂

  2. I hate that question. I always answered “one and done” now I just laugh and laugh and feel my uterus shake in terror of ever doing that again lol. Pregnancy sucked(for me) birth is a nightmare and kids are only fun like 2.5 hours a day the rest of the time it’s work and trying not to day drink or cry in corner. Tell the to back up off your uterus!

    • I would never say one and done to my family… it would be the worst possible thing to say to them. haha Friends, yes. Family, no. I would get a phone call every day asking me why I don’t want more children. It would be INSANITY.
      ….I think my family is crazy…

      • Pssh.. I don’t believe any of that baloney. All the completely insane people I know all have siblings. People seem to forget that when they tell you you have to have two. haha

      • I agree! They just want you to suffer like they did. I say one is ok and I should f stopped at one because two makes me drink a lot! It is a nut house here. Haha

  3. Yah, I’ve been getting this question as well. I always tell people that a wise person once told me that no major decisions should be made while your child was under the age of 3. haha And they usually laugh and it deflects the situation! but in real truth – i always thought i wanted 2. But i’m with a lot of the PP here…it seems like a LOOOOOTTTTT of work. One is hard enough!

  4. I think some of that assumption comes from the days when people didn’t really “plan” to have more babies, it just happened because that’s how things were! My grandma had 6 kids in the span of like, 10 years. 2 of them were born only 11 months apart! I can’t even imagine. Gives me the willies just thinking about it!

    • I think I just broke out in hives reading “2 of them were born only 11 months apart.” I feel like I should be weeping. Your grandmother must have been a very strong woman!
      I think you’re right though. People just assume you will have as many babies as is possible. It just hasn’t sunk in that culturally, we prevent pregnancy much more than we allow it. For most people, anyway.

      • For sure, and I think that’s some of the weird part too…I don’t know too many people of my generation (I’m 25) who grew up in households of more than 2 or 3 children. I always thought 2 kids was the norm! And I’ve read that birth rates are falling, so you’d think it wouldn’t be such a “norm” to have a ton of kids. Maybe it’s still rooted in the older generations.

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