Four Month Wellness Check & Mastitis

Today we had our four month wellness check.  It was exciting to see how much she’s grown.  I’m not sure if everyone else gets as excited about finding out what percentile their littles ones are in, but I think it’s just about the coolest thing ever.  So little Miss Emmy is currently 10th percentile weight (12lbs 2oz), 50% percentile length (24.5″), and 90th percentile head! That is a huge noggin we’ve got here!  She is growing along the curve quite nicely though.

Now, the bad.  Since she is not yet lifting herself up during tummy time, and cannot sit up on her own yet, we are getting really low motor skill levels.  So low, in fact, that the doctor wants us to be referred to a specialist that will come to our house and work with her.  She gave us the chance to work with her for the next two months to improve.  If she’s not doing better by next time, it’s on to the specialist.  If you could measure my level of mommy fail, it would be the highest possible score.  I feel like a complete failure, like I’m letting her down.  Why haven’t I been pushing her more on tummy time?  She hates it, yes, but I guess I should have just been letting her cry through it.  Although, the last doctor we had said that as long as she is working on lifting herself off our chests, she was doing fine.  I guess that only counted for up to two months?  Ugh, so sad.  Sad mommy.

She got two shots and one oral vaccine today.  So far I haven’t had to give her Tylenol.  It’s been almost six hours since the shots, which is longer than she went last time, so maybe she won’t need it this time?  Right now she is peacefully sleeping in my lap.

The doctor thinks we should try a couple things with her sleeping.  1.  Putting her down drowsy.  Pssh.  If this girl gets set down even a little awake, she flails around and cries.  It’s a nice thought, and I’d love to be able to do that so she can learn to self soothe, but so far… pssh.  2.  Let her cry it out.  Waaah.  Mommy isn’t ready for such things.  Daddy thinks it might be a good idea, but he doesn’t get as sad as mommy does.  I know something has to give.  I don’t want her dependent on the boob to fall asleep her whole life.  Especially since my “wean by date” is sometime in July or August of next year, but I’m just not sure what to do about it yet.  The thought of bad sleep nights makes me want to cry… especially since…

I have mastitis!!  Sumbitch!  There wasn’t even a warning blocked duct to signal the oncoming storm.  *sigh* Saturday night I stood up to go upstairs and my breast felt like someone had been punching it continuously for hours and hours.  I immediately knew what was happening.  There was no knot like there is with a blocked duct.  After a restless night of trying to sleep with a painful boob, I checked it out in the mirror as soon as I woke up.  Yep, red.  Not to mention feeling like I’d been hit by a bus.  It all added up.  At 3:00 I went to Urgent Care and got my antibiotics.  Four times a day for ten days.  Wowzah!  Here’s hoping it goes away quickly!  Ain’t nobody got time for Mastitis!  Especially when they have a baby that needs super extra double time help to get to a more normalized level of motor skills.  I think it’s super unfair to judge her on her skill level just because she doesn’t lift her head up yet.  How do they expect a 10th percentile body weight baby to hold up a 90th percentile head!?  Rude!

*Sad Mama* *Pout*


2 thoughts on “Four Month Wellness Check & Mastitis

  1. Don’t feel bad!!! Your story is exactly like mine and I’m sure we can’t be the only ones! My baby Ayla hates tummy time too, and she’s nearly 7 months. I could never bear to watch her flail on the floor face down screaming so we’ve only done it a few times a week since she was born. The way I see it, no one used to tell our parents to put us on our tummies for x amount of time and we’re fine. Ayla didn’t sit up til she was nearly six months, and she still can’t really roll from her tummy to back (sometimes she does though) but on the plus side she can stand if she holds on to something and she took her first steps the other day while I was holding her hands.

    And as for the sleeping thing, I was in the same boat as you when people started to tell me to put her down drowsy and let her cry it out. I tried it and it kinda worked – she cried for less and less time each night – but she still cried and so did I.

    Back in the day there was no baby rules; mums did what felt right and what worked for them. Even if we DID follow “the book” exactly we will still make mistakes and that’s ok. Sure, we might think we should have stopped giving the boob as a soother at night, but they won’t need it forever.

    Before we know it they’ll be big and running around and they won’t need us much at all. So don’t feel bad for being gentle and nurturing… You’re a mum and that’s what your supposed to do. Xx

    • Thank you for this! It makes me feel so much better to know that other babies and moms work like us! I never feel like I’m doing anything wrong until a doctor makes me feel bad. I don’t think there is one right way to raise a child. If there were, no one would make money selling books on how to raise a child!

      I think you are right. They won’t be little and need us for everything for long. I’m going to enjoy my time with her during the day AND night, and bump up our tummy time. As long as she is growing and happy, I will be happy! 🙂

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