A Migraine and A Toddler

Oh, say it isn’t so!  I felt it coming on in the middle of the night.  I tossed and turned, hoped and wished, growled and begged, “Please, please don’t turn into a massive headache!”  I took two Aleve and laid back down.  Aleve have the power to put me to sleep, and I saw that as a good sign as the darkness started to close over my eyes.  I knew I had got to it in time.  I had defeated the headache monster!

Oh, how wrong I was.  The little one was up and at em at her normal time, and all I could feel was the headache.  Always over my right eye.  Same spot every time, since the beginning of time.  I thought breakfast would help.  Nope.  Water?  Nope.  Snack?  Nope.  Maybe a nap while E was down.  She slept for two, I took a hot shower and slept for 1.5.  Woke up worse.  Called my mother in law to tell her we weren’t coming to visit, due to head explosion possibilities, and she said she understood.  Ten minutes later she called to tell me that she was in the car on her way to pick up E and give me a couple hours of quiet.  Apparently she had heard E screaming “TIGER TIGER TIGER” in the background and took pity on me.  It helps that she loves her little E so very much!  I spent 30 minutes in a bath and then 2 hours in bed.

Sad to say, it is still here.  I’ve even snuck in another dose of Aleve in all of this mess (just one more).  I’ve never had a migraine for more than 18 hours, so I’m crossing my fingers that the next two hours brings me relief.  If not, the Mexican food that my husband is on his way home with should at least help.

I will say that a migraine and a toddler mixed together might be the absolute pits.  There is just no way to watch Daniel Tiger all day, enjoy the screeching, or run around on the floor all day to entertain the little one when your head feels like it’s going to explode.  No way to be super mommy.  It is absolutely a debilitating feeling to not be able to function or take care of your little one as well as you want.

Please, please, headache.  Go away!


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