What Do You Think? Back vs Tummy: The Sleep Conundrum

Just to make things clear, I have no plans on letting little miss sleep on her belly.  If she chooses to sleep on her belly sometime in the future, when she is able to easily roll from belly to back with no issues, then that is great for her, but for now I will always make sure that she is on her back or side.

…but I was thinking, why do all the grandparents keep telling me that we (me, my sister, my husband, my husbands brother) slept through the night at six weeks, or two months, or “definitely by three months!”  Why am I constantly feeling like I have a baby that just loves to be awake every three hours and will never ever ever sleep longer?  Well, then I started thinking about how my generation was put on their tummies to sleep.  This really sparked something in the dark, tired part of my brain that doesn’t get much action anymore.  When babies are put onto their tummies, they are better able to get gas out.  I know just from the past week of “super catch-up tummy time” that as soon as she is on her belly, she burps and poots like a mad woman.  Even if I’ve just spent the past ten minutes burping her, she will still let loose as soon as she’s on her belly.  So this is my theory, babies sleep better on their bellies because they are getting that gas out.  They aren’t uncomfortable, their bellies don’t hurt, they don’t want to get up and nurse to ease their belly pain.

Again, I would never let Emmy sleep on her belly until she is old enough to roll herself over, but what if this is the reason our parents keep telling us that we slept so much better?  Maybe they aren’t just being annoying.  Maybe they aren’t just trying to make us feel like we are doing something wrong.  Maybe, just maybe, the way we were put to sleep helped us sleep better and longer sooner JUST because of the gas issues.  Maybe this is why reflux and spitting up issues are rampant now.  I’d much rather be up a few times a night with her than to ever increase the risk of SIDS…. no question about it, but what if?

Just a thought…



This is how I feel when I think about blogging lately, which is sad and weird.  I used to love getting a few minutes to jump on here and tell you all about my life and the fun things going on in it.  Now I just feel like everything is too much the same to really write anything interesting.  I’m not here to bore you, I’m here to entertain and educate.  So until I can really do that and feel good about it, I will probably be missing for chunks of time.  For now, I will update you on the small things going on around here.

We moved little miss into a pack and play in our room.  I got the comfy quilted sheet to go in it, and she apparently really likes it.  She is now able to sleep on her side, which I had no clue she even wanted to do, and she sleeps for longer chunks of time.  Of course, writing this makes sure that the luck we’ve been having will surely end, but I wanted to let you all know that pack and plays can be made comfortable and doable for a transition between bassinet and crib!

After our doctor appointment last week, I was a bit frazzled.  I took the rest of the day to relax with little miss and the following day we started with some mandatory tummy time.  She has been doing pretty well.  She can get her head off the floor for a few seconds at a time, but she is lifting her arms and legs at the same time.  Only her belly is on the ground.  It’s pretty cute, but it frustrates her and wears her out.  I’m sure she will eventually understand that arms are for pushing up, but so far she is just trying to get her head up.  She is also trying to roll over onto her back.  ANYTHING to get off her belly!  I’m not sure how she is going to roll over without hurting her shoulder….  I mean, all babies learn to do it, but it looks like she is going to break her arm off!  So far we are doing short spurts of tummy time, and I am helping her roll over when she gets close.  She is such a little trooper, and is trying so hard.  I am very proud of her!

If she continues to strengthen her core, and can sit up okay by five months, then she can start cereal.  Not sure if I will do that, I may wait until six months, but it is tempting!  I am so ready to get her started on some pureed foods!  So exciting!

That’s all for now!  Going to go snuggle my girl!  It was 39 degrees when we woke up this morning.  Miserably cold, but great for snuggling!

Four Month Wellness Check & Mastitis

Today we had our four month wellness check.  It was exciting to see how much she’s grown.  I’m not sure if everyone else gets as excited about finding out what percentile their littles ones are in, but I think it’s just about the coolest thing ever.  So little Miss Emmy is currently 10th percentile weight (12lbs 2oz), 50% percentile length (24.5″), and 90th percentile head! That is a huge noggin we’ve got here!  She is growing along the curve quite nicely though.

Now, the bad.  Since she is not yet lifting herself up during tummy time, and cannot sit up on her own yet, we are getting really low motor skill levels.  So low, in fact, that the doctor wants us to be referred to a specialist that will come to our house and work with her.  She gave us the chance to work with her for the next two months to improve.  If she’s not doing better by next time, it’s on to the specialist.  If you could measure my level of mommy fail, it would be the highest possible score.  I feel like a complete failure, like I’m letting her down.  Why haven’t I been pushing her more on tummy time?  She hates it, yes, but I guess I should have just been letting her cry through it.  Although, the last doctor we had said that as long as she is working on lifting herself off our chests, she was doing fine.  I guess that only counted for up to two months?  Ugh, so sad.  Sad mommy.

She got two shots and one oral vaccine today.  So far I haven’t had to give her Tylenol.  It’s been almost six hours since the shots, which is longer than she went last time, so maybe she won’t need it this time?  Right now she is peacefully sleeping in my lap.

The doctor thinks we should try a couple things with her sleeping.  1.  Putting her down drowsy.  Pssh.  If this girl gets set down even a little awake, she flails around and cries.  It’s a nice thought, and I’d love to be able to do that so she can learn to self soothe, but so far… pssh.  2.  Let her cry it out.  Waaah.  Mommy isn’t ready for such things.  Daddy thinks it might be a good idea, but he doesn’t get as sad as mommy does.  I know something has to give.  I don’t want her dependent on the boob to fall asleep her whole life.  Especially since my “wean by date” is sometime in July or August of next year, but I’m just not sure what to do about it yet.  The thought of bad sleep nights makes me want to cry… especially since…

I have mastitis!!  Sumbitch!  There wasn’t even a warning blocked duct to signal the oncoming storm.  *sigh* Saturday night I stood up to go upstairs and my breast felt like someone had been punching it continuously for hours and hours.  I immediately knew what was happening.  There was no knot like there is with a blocked duct.  After a restless night of trying to sleep with a painful boob, I checked it out in the mirror as soon as I woke up.  Yep, red.  Not to mention feeling like I’d been hit by a bus.  It all added up.  At 3:00 I went to Urgent Care and got my antibiotics.  Four times a day for ten days.  Wowzah!  Here’s hoping it goes away quickly!  Ain’t nobody got time for Mastitis!  Especially when they have a baby that needs super extra double time help to get to a more normalized level of motor skills.  I think it’s super unfair to judge her on her skill level just because she doesn’t lift her head up yet.  How do they expect a 10th percentile body weight baby to hold up a 90th percentile head!?  Rude!

*Sad Mama* *Pout*

I’ve Been Doing A LOT Of Not Sleeping

We have been busy… not sleeping.  We’ve been not sleeping a lot lately!  It’s really exhausting to be doing all of this not sleeping everyday!  Whew…

Due to our not sleeping, my baby girl has been very moody, and totally not interested in anything besides eating and taking lots of quicky naps.  I set her on the carpet in her play room today, and instead of immediately rolling onto her side to grab her giraffe toy, she laid on her back, didn’t move a muscle, and stared at me for 20 minutes.  No amount of prodding would convince her to play.  So I brought her into the living room, sat in my chair, and tried nursing her.  She kept drifting off, but not taking a great nap.  She won’t sleep in my lap anymore…. she wants to sleep laying down in the bed with me.  I understand, I like being upstairs better too.  I don’t mind being up there all day, but I do get quite hungry!  I need to invest in a mini fridge or some granola bars or something….

…or maybe my baby girl needs to sleep at night?  Hmm…

Tomorrow I have a play date starting at 11:30.  I’m nervous.  This is the first time in a week we’ve had plans that last a few hours.  We’ve been going up for a nap around 12:30 or 1:00 and she has been nursing for 20 minutes and napping for 2-3 hours.  What will happen tomorrow without her nap??  I mean, our nighttime sleep is pretty terrible already.  Waking up every hour and all.  I guess I will just continue to co-sleep with her in the guest bedroom until she starts sleeping longer again.  I think I’m ready for her to sleep in her crib, but there is no chance I’m getting up and running in there every hour!  Not to mention she won’t nurse in her glider, so I have to bring her into another room to nurse her….. because she won’t fall asleep without nursing!  Oh my gosh… there are so many problems with our sleeping!   Oh well… I will just say that I am SO glad that I am not having to go to work on top of this insane sleep “schedule.”  To all you mothers out there who do have to do that…. I wish I could give you all a hug and a Starbucks gift card, but since I cannot, just remember that it’s the thought that counts….

Bad Bloggy Lady

I have been quite a bad blogger lately.  I guess there hasn’t been much going on!  My little one is still not sleeping well.  The past few nights have been pretty rough, actually.  No longer than 2.5 hours at a time.  I really think this is a growth spurt.  She is very sleepy today and has been pretty moody the past few days.  Hopefully she will be back to sleeping at least 3 hours at a time soon!

So, I have been having trouble falling asleep lately.  HOW?? Does anyone else find themselves writing blog entries in their heads before falling asleep?  Only to wake up and have all of your beautiful, perfect ideas gone?  I do this EVERY night.  It is truly crazy.  You would think I could keep a good idea in my head for more than a couple minutes, but sadly I cannot.

I don’t have much else to say…. and I’m considering trying to nap along with the little one today.  I actually napped with her in the bed yesterday.  It was amazing to take a nap.  First one in 3.5 months??  I doubt I will get a repeat, but it’s worth a shot!  Too bad she is enjoying naps around 3:00.  I’d love if she would knock out around 1:00.  I’m not going to complain about her napping though.  Whenever she wants, she can nap!

Here is a picture of Emmy fighting a dinosaur…


Etsy What??

Well, I’ve done it.  I’ve opened my Etsy shop.  Eek.  I know my things are not the best out there, as I am just starting to really get a good groove in my crocheting, and I come up with my own patterns, but I am proud of what I’ve made.  This is what I do while the little one naps!  Makes me feel like I am doing something productive, even though I’m sitting in a chair watching TV with a drooling baby in my lap!  I hope you all will check it out!


Wait A Second! Wait, A Second?!

Alright, first time mommies, how are we feeling about everyone and their mothers asking when we are going to have our second?  Who says we are going to?  Why would most of us even be thinking about something like that when our babies have yet to even sleep through the night?  Seriously.  What is up?

The worst is when they don’t straight up ask, but instead make a small comment that is meant to ask the question.  Like, yesterday I was walking by the maternity store in the mall with my mother-in-law.  I had been walking around for 30 minutes, trying to get the little one to sleep because she had not slept the night before or at all during the day.  She was finally asleep, and I was walking around like a zombie lady.  I barely realized I was even in the mall.  So when we walked by the maternity store and my mother-in-law said “you don’t need anything in there!”  And I responded “Thank goodness!”  She decided to say “Well, until the next one.  Right?!”  Seriously?  I probably couldn’t have even spelled my own name at that point, and she wants me to be thinking about having another baby?  I just… I mean… What??  My baby is THREE MONTHS OLD!!  This is not the first family member to do this either, this is just the most recent story.

Here is the deal, people of the world, not everyone can have a second child, not everyone wants a second child, or maybe even both of these things.  Quit asking people.  If a person wants a second child, they will let you know.  If they don’t want a second child, they may let you know that too, or they may just not have a second child and realize that it is none of your business how many children they have.

Rant rant rant

The Pumpkin in the Pumpkin Patch

We went for a little photo shoot at the pumpkin patch today.  She did great!  She even gave us a few smiles!  She looks so tiny!  Who would think a baby would be smaller than a pumpkin!?  I wish it hadn’t been 12,000 degrees outside today, but it was so nice to be able to get these pictures!  I hope to be good about doing this every year!

Me and my beautiful baby girl!
Me and my beautiful baby girl!


Me And My Drooley McGee

This is my new jam I sing with Emmy.  She loves to drool when she plays.  Not sure if it’s excitement drool or something that just happens when she lays on her back and talks, but it’s adorable.  I’m enjoying the pre-teething drool while I can.

She has also recently become obsessed with her hands.  She likes to rub them together, and hold them, and suck on them.  While I take a shower I can see her hands rising over the top of the bassinet.  She raises them up in the air and clasps them together, rubbing them around in one another.  This is helping her become a pro at grabbing and holding onto her links.  Not sure why she is still anti-putting things in her mouth, but I can totally be okay with that phase holding off for a long time!  She does, however, LOVE to lick blankets and loveys.  Got to keep an eye on that girl…

So, I want to cut my hair off.  Like, all of the hair.  I have never had my hair cut shorter than my shoulders, but I am thinking of going a little nuts with it.  Somewhere between shoulders and pixie.  Currently it is about halfway down my back.  Don’t be jealous, it doesn’t look as good, like you may be imagining.  Due to my PCOS, as my hair grows, it grows to a point.  A scraggly, thin, horrid looking point of thin hair.  Thin hair should not be long.  The biggest problem is that my hair dresser that I super trust is now almost an hour away.  No chance I could do that, so I’m going to have to trust this huge hair cut to a STRANGER!! Ah!  First world problems, right?  I know.

I almost forgot!  The little lady is also learning to roll onto her sides!  So talented!!  I am so impressed with each little thing she learns.  Babies are amazing.  Like little human sponges! Learning, learning, learning!