I Had A Bad Reaction To Your Public Hobby Writing

There are so many people on this planet.  So many.  Over 7 billion now, and that is mind blowing!  What worries me about all of these people, are they things that they say and believe.  Most people say somewhat normal things, and they don’t really irk my nerves, but then some people say things and all I can think about is punching them in the throat.  I’m not a violent person, normally, but people saying horrible, idiotic, bigoted, hurtful things based on pure nonsense is damaging not only to my brain cells, but to all the people in the world who are easily influenced into believing whatever they are told, as long as someone has a fancy blog to write it on.  (Notice that my blog is not fancy, so you can trust me!)

Here it is, plain and simple, Matt Walsh is a horrible role model.  I’ll admit that I loved some of his earlier stuff.  Like, when he said that people should put their carts back at the grocery store.  Right on!  I can get behind that!  I hate pulling into a parking spot to find a cart blocking it.  First world problems, right?  But some of his newer “work” has mentioned things such as parents of a transgender girl who should be considered abusers because there is no way that a child could know they are a different gender, that gay couples could never have marriage equality because they could never be equal, seeing as how they do not have the ability to make babies, and I believe I read something about how suicide is the most cowardly thing you could ever do, but I think my rage blacked out my memory on that one.  The suicide one was written right after Robin Williams killed himself.  Mr. Walsh claimed that he was also sad and has battled depression, but that he never killed himself… blah blah blah.  Here is the deal, you can NEVER know what someone is going through.  Ever.  I will never know every thought my husband has no matter how many hours, days, or years I spend talking to him.  So if you can sit there and judge someone who has suffered from substance abuse, a life of depression, and a diagnoses of Parkinson’s disease, then you are no someone that should not be spouting your word vomit all over the internet for all the other haters out there.

These types of people spew hatred and keep our world from evolving and growing with love and tolerance for everyone.  I hate to break it to some of you, but homosexual people have existed since the beginning of time (and not the beginning of Biblical time, but actual time).  They are not new, and they are not here to destroy the world, or ruin your marriage, or, I don’t know, whatever else some of you think they do (dance too good?).  They are only who they are, who they were born, and it’s not a lot to ask of you to get over yourselves as the supreme couples and see that they just love each other.  They aren’t doing anything wrong by loving each other.  They deserve to have their love recognized, just as you do.  They deserve to raise children, take them to Disney, dance at their weddings.  As soon as you can get over your prejudice and your “ickies” (which I assume is what you have a serious case of) then we can all live happily ever after and focus on truly horrible things in our world that need to be taken care of.  Like, staving children, cancer, climate change (yes, I’m also one of those).  We have to put our energy into helping, not hurting.  Hate breeds hate.  Let’s breed love, and lots of it!


Three Months!

Whoa! My baby girl is three months old today!  I can’t believe how quickly AND slowly time seems to be going.  I think the only reason time seems slow is because her sleep is still wonky.  Once she is sleeping through the night (soon!?!) I’m sure time will seem to zoom by!

So, here are a couple pictures of my sweetie from this morning.  I forgot to take the picture with her 12 month hat on (showing the progression of her growing into her hat), so I will do that tomorrow.  If I remember…


Check out this flower!  How embarrassing, mom!
Check out this flower! How embarrassing, mom!

Read This… A Lot

I plan on reading this article at least once a week.  I think it puts parenting into perspective so well.. especially if you only plan on having one child.  Every moment is precious and should be considered so.  Enjoy this article… and grab a tissue or two.


You Will…

new mother


(Thoughts from a mother of a one month old)

You will…

…Get poop on your hands.  I always assumed that this only happened to people who weren’t paying attention to what they were doing, or who had super squirmy older children who thought diaper changing time was play time.  I was wrong.  Poop has the ability to get everywhere, and it will.  Recently it was all over baby girl’s back, onesie, feet, and my hands.  Not to mention the time I found some on her shoulder.

– …Beg a baby to let you sleep.  I know, it sounds insane, babies don’t understand begging yet, but you WILL beg and plead for sleep.  Last night, at 3am, as I was running on two hours of sleep, I held my little girl and begged her to go to sleep.  I tried making a deal with her too.  “I am going to nurse you ONE MORE TIME, then we are going to go to sleep for at least an hour!  Okay?  Please….”  No such luck, but I guess it was worth a try.

– …Not believe how much the baby relies on you.  This parenting thing is not a joint effort… yet.  Yes, my husband holds her for an hour a night, and for a few hours on the weekend (like right now so I can blog), but for about 23 hours a day, that baby is on me  This is mainly because I exclusively breastfeed.  How else is she supposed to eat?  These boobs must be on call 24/7.  I suggest that if pumping works for you, you do it.  If formula sounds like a good option to you (I think about switching over at least 10 times a night) then do it!  No one here will judge you.  Get some sleep, share some responsibility, and keep your sanity!

– … Be grateful for two hours of sleep in a row.  Remember sleeping for eight hours straight (I don’t) and still being tired?  Yea, enjoy those moments, my soon to be mommy friends.  Eight hours of sleep seems like a dream to me right now.  It’s almost hard to believe that, in the past, I’ve had times where I slept for over 12 hours in a row.  Wow,  How many years until that happens again?

– … Need to buy wee wee pads.  Just for dogs, you say?  No chance!  Wee wee pads are a lifesaver, and not just for boys either.  As soon as we take the diaper off of our little lady, she says “Ah, fresh air!  Peeing into the wind!  Oh, and pooping! Ah!”  Yep, sometimes multiple poops on the pad in one changing.  Sometimes I wonder if she’s playing a trick on me.  No chance all that poop could fit in something so tiny!  Here is the link to the ones I ordered.  We’ve gone through about 30 of them so far (maybe more?).  I could not imagine having to wash the changing pad cover that many times within a month, could you?


– …Change a diaper right after changing a diaper.  Poop explosion and a pound of pee, diaper change successful!  Pick up the baby, smile at her, watch her give you a strange look aaaaand…. the sound of another poop explosion.  This goes along with the “how does she fit all of that in there?” thing.   We have had up to three diaper changes in five minutes.  Amazing!

– … Never hate anything more than cluster feedings.  Ah, the current horror of my existence.  Nothing will make you feel more needed, frustrated, and confused.  “My baby needs to eat, but my nipples are going to fall off.  How has this been going on for five hours??!”  This is what runs through my head during these terrible times.  By the way, these times always take place at night.  Usually between 6pm-midnight (or longer).  Biggest break between feedings?  Maybe 30 minutes, and the feedings are about an hour on each boob). Pure torture, for both of us.  Being constantly hungry makes her upset, and being constantly milked makes me upset.  There is nothing you can do but continue through it and hope the next night goes better.  Or turn to formula…. (still considering it…)

– … Wonder how anyone could ever have more than one child.  Seriously?  People do this while they have toddlers? HOW?! WHY!?  I don’t know how it’s possible.  I can tell you right now that I am not cut out for it.  If there is a second in our future, which I’m not sure there will be, it won’t be until she is in school.  Maybe college? …. yea, probably won’t be a second.

– … Be amazed by how much you love your baby.  Despite the poop, pee, cluster feedings, hundreds of diapers (can’t wait to start cloth!), crying, and lack of sleep, you will love this little creature more than anything on the planet.  Despite how mad you are at the lack of sleep, you will look at her/him and know that you are the one who has to make this little thing happy, and you will do that.  And, somehow, you will do it with a smile!


So, one month down.  What will the next months teach me?  Hmm…


How Does This Happen?

I was expecting things to be messy with a newborn.  So far there has been a ton of pee and poop, which sometimes ends up on her feet, and sometimes ends up on my hands.  There is also a mess in the kitchen, because putting dishes in the dish washer is not a top priority.  There is laundry everywhere.  It’s clean, but it is certainly not folded, hung, or put away.  The one thing I never imagined was how our bed was going to transform.  It is a disaster.  No matter how pretty it looks at the beginning of the night, it will look like 15 dogs have been romping around in it all night by morning.  There are extra pillows piled behind me so I can prop myself up while nursing in the middle of the night.  There is an extra blanket behind me (in the pile of pillows) so I can pull it up around me while I nurse because the air vents blow right on me.  Somehow I keep stealing all of the blankets, which is weird because I hardly sleep, why do I need ALL of the blankets?

This is what my bed looks like in the morning…  Bed with baby

That green thing is our comforter.  I don’t know how this is happening either.

Impromptu Photo Shoot

This morning I decided it would be a very nice day to take a couple black and white pictures of our baby girl.  It was a quicky deal, done with my phone, but a couple of them turned out very well.  Beautiful baby girl!  Also, she looks great for getting hardly any sleep last night.  I did not hold up so well after my sleepless night!  Good thing I don’t go out in public yet, I would definitely frighten the villagers.


bnw 1 bnw 2

Our Beautiful Baby

Our beautiful baby girl was born on Wednesday, June 26th.  Weighing in at 7lbs even and 20.25 inches long.  She is absolutely beautiful (I may have already mentioned this).  She was born at 7:16pm.

The labor was fairly easy, with minor complications.  I started having consistent contractions around 3am.  At 5am I called the doctor and woke up my husband.  The doctor said to head on in!  We arrived at the hospital around 6:00ish and got checked in to the monitoring room.  I was only 1cm dilated and 60% effaced.  They told me they would give me two hours to walk around to try and get the labor kicked into gear and help with the dilation.  I walked the halls for two hours with horrendous (or so I thought at the time) contractions.  The pain was so intense in my back I could hardly stand.  I did squats and did some leans (bent over a railing to try and get the baby off my spine) as we did our laps.  Two hours later… hoorah!  2.5cm dilated!  We were officially on track to have our baby girl.

I decided during our walking that an epidural would be had as soon as they would allow (they gave me something to “take the edge off” but it just made me feel drunk, not good).  The rule was 3-4cm dilated before it was okayed.  I told them that I wanted it as soon as possible.  It was only about 30 minutes after getting hooked up in the labor room that I started having contractions so bad that I couldn’t breath.  I was full of deep, heavy sobs.  Luckily, my nurse was amazing and got the epidural up and going as quick as possible.  The biggest problem was that my blood pressure is so naturally low, that I had to wait to have a bag and a half of fluids in me before they could give me the epidural.  That was such a long wait.  Once I had the epidural I was so relaxed and ready to focus on our progress.

We watched Megamind about 8 times while we were in the room.  Once for real (with volume and everything) and the other times on mute.  Family was visiting and we had tons of stuff going on around us.  Baby girl decided that she only wanted me on my right side.  Any other position would cause her heart rate to drop.  That was terrifying.  I’m just glad that there was a position that worked for us.

Around 6:30pm they decided that it was time to start pushing.  I think I officially started pushing around 6:45.  By 7:16, my baby was born.  The doctor and nurse were incredibly impressed by how quickly I got her out, especially since she was my first.  Go me!  I was just wanting her out in case her cord was wrapped and was the reason her heart rate kept dropping.  I was determined!

So, here she is, our beautiful baby girl, Emilia Claire!  Now it’s really time to start learning this mommy business!!  I will post an update about breastfeeding next time I get the chance…. could be a while. 😉


My First Stretch Mark

Well, it happened.  I made it two days away from 38 weeks and I wake up with a stretch mark!  I really thought I was home free.  That just proves that this girl is out of room.  Once your skin starts breaking, it’s time to have the baby. (My opinion of course).  I have two (three at the most) more weeks to go and I just feel like this one stretch mark is going to open the flood gates.  Has anyone out there been able to just keep their marks to one or two?  Should I keep up the hope that this is my only one?

Other than my stretch mark, nothing new has been happening.  I’ve had an increase in Braxton Hicks (completely normal, they say) and an increase in sharp, stabbing pains “down below” (also normal).  The biggest problem are my big, swollen, angry, red feet.  All they want to do it be put up in the recliner while I watch TV.  Unfortunately, I’ve got things to do!  Almost everything is ready for baby girl, but I’ve got to finish washing her diapers and some of her toys.  Other than that? Bring it on!  I know everyone wants to go into labor before 40 weeks, but I really really really want to go into labor for 40 weeks. haha I’m almost certain I won’t get my wish though.  Apparently the odds are not in my favor since this is my first.  Let’s just hope she doesn’t go over 41.  I hear Pitocin is not really a very friendly drug.

I will be updating in here a lot more now that we are moved into our new house and the majority of things are done.  I can’t wait to write my update about our baby girl coming into the world!  Wish me luck that it’s sometime within the next two weeks!

My Wedding Dress

So, I’m not sure how many of you out there are TV addicts, like I am, but even if you aren’t, you’ve probably at least seen a commercial for “Something Borrowed, Something New” on TLC.  (Yea, TLC… The Learning Channel?? Anyway…)  This show is about mothers who want more than anything for their daughters to wear their wedding dress.  Sometimes these ladies make it seem like it would be the end of the world if their daughters didn’t wear this dress, and that they’d be extremely disappointed and sad that their daughters didn’t love them enough to do this important thing for them.  Well, I kind of want to flick all of these mothers in the ear.

What makes these women think that their daughter wouldn’t want her very own wedding dress?  This is her big day.  She is getting married and wants to look her best in a dress that she’s picked out… you know, just like her mother did?!  Why do these women guilt their daughters into wearing their dress?  I mean, isn’t it kind of gross, if you think about it?  Their mothers picked this dress out to look beautiful for their fathers.  This means this dress was what they were wearing when they went into their honeymoon room to DO IT for the first time as a married couple… your parents!!  This is not a share-able item in my opinion.  Lend her some earrings, a necklace, or a hair clip.  Don’t make her wear something that 1) has been out of style for 20+ years and 2) was used to look sexy for her dad.  Gross ladies, gross.

This is how my brain works.  I don’t intend to force my daughter to wear anything I’ve owned.  She is going to be her own person, with her own style, and her own ability to make decisions.  I want her to go about life in a way that makes her a happy person.  I don’t want her to ever feel guilt over something as silly as my wedding dress.  I want her to know that I love her, whoever she turns out to be.  Even if that means wearing a purple wedding dress with a fur collar. (What? I don’t know what the style will be in 20+ years!) I want her to be happy and healthy and loved.

…and if she does end up wanting to wear my dress?  I’ll tell her she’s crazy, because I will love her enough to tell her things like that. 🙂

Baby Registries

I must say that this past weekend was very tiring, but so much fun.  We went to two separate stores (Target and Buy Buy Baby) and they hand you a scanner and you just go wild.  I mean, as wild as you can get for a first time parent who really has no clue what they may need.  Wild and clueless would be a better phrase I guess.  We went wild and clueless this weekend!

Seriously though, how on earth are you supposed to know what and how many of something you need?  Sure, you can look at the helpful little list the store gives you, but they want you to have your friends and family buy as many things as possible.  Can those lists be trusted?  Then what about how all your friends are telling you about how their sister couldn’t live without a boppy, but they tried one and it didn’t work for them at all.  Or what about bottles and pumps?  Try to find a pump that has great reviews by everyone who’s used it.  Impossible.  You’d think something as simple as a bottle would be easy, but have you seen how many bottles are out there?  All of them slightly different.  All of them loved by some and despised by others.  No consensus.

So we were winging it all over the place.  “Need one of these?” “Yes, probably like three of them, actually.”

It was very exciting to picture using all of these new gadgets being use for our little girl.  Except for the nose aspirator.  I’m not too excited about sucking boogers out of her nose.  I mean, I get that it’s helpful, but what did people do back in the day before these things were invented?  Did the baby just have boogers and the parents said “cool” and went on about their day?  I imagine they did.  Of course, everything invented has been invented for a reason, and booger extractors are on everyone’s “to have” list, so we’ll go with the flow and get a few.  I refuse to use the one that involves sticking one end in the babies nose and the other end in your mouth and sucking the booger out of the nose and into a little compartment.  Um, no.  Well… fine, if it’s absolutely necessary and good for my daughter, I’ll do anything, but I’m not going to like it!  I can just imagine a mother who chooses to do that and then later in life their kid is talking back to them… how can that mother keep from saying “I sucked the boogers out of your nose! You should be nicer to me!” haha.. gross.

So registering is fun.  We really enjoyed it. We learned new things about baby stuff, and scanned lots of things for people to buy our little girl.  She is going to be a very happy and spoiled baby!