Invisible Paci

My baby loves to suck on her invisible paci.  Once she falls asleep while nursing, she continues to suck while she’s sleeping.  It is absolutely adorable.  I kind of wish she liked an actual pacifier, because I’m sure it would help sooth her more than the air does.  I’ve tried over and over again, with multiple types and shapes though. She’s having none of it.  I respect her decision…. plus she goes nuts when I even attempt to give her one.  She’s the boss!

So, a few weeks ago, we started moving her bed time up to 7:30 from 8:00 because by the time we got her into bed at 8:00, she was beyond tired.  7:30 was working for a while, but now it seems like even that is too late for her.  By the time we get into bed she is a wreck.  She’s sleeping great during the day.  She takes an early morning nap around 10:00 — usually for an hour to and hour and a half.  Then she usually takes an uber long nap in the afternoon for two-three hours.  She’s definitely sleeping enough during the day.  Not that her being extra tired by bedtime is necessarily bad.  She falls asleep quickly after her meltdown, but I don’t want her to think of bedtime as a time to be hysterical.  The hubs and I are going to move her bath time up ten minutes and get her into bed ten minutes earlier to see how that works for her.

Also, I am personally not a fan of bed sharing, or co-sleeping, or whatever else people are calling it these days (because I am 95% sure that I would injure her.  I sleep HARD), but I will say that I do not feel ready to put her in her own room.  I still wake up a few times a night to check on her.  I’m obviously not ready to have two doors between us at night.  I wonder if I ever will be?  I mean, the dogs sleep in the room with us, so why should she have to sleep by herself?  Seems unfair.  I don’t want her to be lonely.  Or…. I just don’t want her away from me…. I’m betting it’s the latter.  I think she will be in our room until at least five months… longer if she still fits in her bassinet. Tehehe…

So, when did you move your baby into another room?  Was the transition smooth?


To Start A Paci?

My husband and I are trying to figure out when to start a pacifier.  Right now it seems like she is actually eating when she’s on the breast, not just using it as a pacifier, but who knows?  We had originally not wanted to start a pacifier at all, but when it came down to the possibility of a pacifier vs thumb sucking, I think we’d rather have a pacifier (at least that can be chucked out eventually — even if it is a battle).  The pediatrician says that four weeks is a good time to start one, as breastfeeding should be established by then, but I’ve read a few things online that suggest waiting 6-8 weeks if you exclusively breastfeed to insure that your milk supply is well established.

I’m beginning to feel that everything with babies has 10 different “right” answers.  For those who think there is one way or no way, that is just not the way these things work, unfortunately.

So, when did you start your baby on a pacifier?  Or, if you chose a no-paci way of life, why and how is it working out for you?  I’d love to hear your stories!