My Story Part II

The second half of my story on PCOS is now up on Atlantamomofthree‘s blog!  Check it out why don’t ya?  It involves lots of doctors, some needles to the belly, and an eventual pregnancy with my little miss!


Check Out My Story!

Today and tomorrow I will be featured as a guest post over at Valerie’s blog AtlantaMomOfThree.  Today will be my story of growing up with PCOS and not knowing it!  Tomorrow’s post will include my story of trying to conceive and how that eventually lead to my diagnoses.  

I hope you enjoy my story, and also enjoy Valerie’s blog!  

Ever Want To Shave Your Head??

I have been itchy since the end of my pregnancy.  Hormones.. yeesh!  So along with skin itching all over, my head, neck, upper back, and shoulders have it the worst due to my long, itchy hair.  No matter how many times I put it back up, there is always hair falling out and making me so much more itchy.  AH!  I just want to have one of those super short hair cuts… but I’m just not sure I can pull it off.

I’m hoping my hormones will even out by the time she is weaned.  I am a little worried about a dip in hormones though.  I can feel my PCOS and/or my POF imbalance sneaking up on me (hot flashes like whoa).  I’m hoping it won’t affect my breast milk production.  I want to at least make it to six months, with the ultimate goal of one year.

So…. who is with me? Shall we all shave our heads now??