My First Stretch Mark

Well, it happened.  I made it two days away from 38 weeks and I wake up with a stretch mark!  I really thought I was home free.  That just proves that this girl is out of room.  Once your skin starts breaking, it’s time to have the baby. (My opinion of course).  I have two (three at the most) more weeks to go and I just feel like this one stretch mark is going to open the flood gates.  Has anyone out there been able to just keep their marks to one or two?  Should I keep up the hope that this is my only one?

Other than my stretch mark, nothing new has been happening.  I’ve had an increase in Braxton Hicks (completely normal, they say) and an increase in sharp, stabbing pains “down below” (also normal).  The biggest problem are my big, swollen, angry, red feet.  All they want to do it be put up in the recliner while I watch TV.  Unfortunately, I’ve got things to do!  Almost everything is ready for baby girl, but I’ve got to finish washing her diapers and some of her toys.  Other than that? Bring it on!  I know everyone wants to go into labor before 40 weeks, but I really really really want to go into labor for 40 weeks. haha I’m almost certain I won’t get my wish though.  Apparently the odds are not in my favor since this is my first.  Let’s just hope she doesn’t go over 41.  I hear Pitocin is not really a very friendly drug.

I will be updating in here a lot more now that we are moved into our new house and the majority of things are done.  I can’t wait to write my update about our baby girl coming into the world!  Wish me luck that it’s sometime within the next two weeks!